How To Make Money When You Can’t Leave Home?

Back in time, thinking about earning without having to leave the comfort of your home got regarded as ridiculous fantasy. Well, some old folks still do. But, hey, the time has changed everything.

With tremendous advancements in technology, the concept of earning from home has been settling in minds over the years. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that the work-from-home transformed from a concept into a worldwide practiced norm.

The arrival of Coronavirus spread work from home ideology like wildfire. And, so, everyone has been earning from the confined boundaries of their homes.

Are you hunting for ways to level up the monthly figures when you can’t leave the house walls? Whether it be COVID-19 or some other reason, you can certainly earn from home!

Here are some commonly practiced and effective methods. Read ahead!

Try Blogging, YouTube, or Making Podcasts

Have you ever pondered as to why people create their blog pages, publish videos on YouTube, or simply upload podcasts on some well-known platforms? Well, the theory behind this is simple. The Internet pays you for putting up all the content!


You can easily make a blog using website building tools, such as WordPress. Once your blog gets set up, start writing articles on your favorite topics using your vintage typewriter keyboard and upload high-quality content on it regularly.

Although the results won’t be instant, quality content will bring viewers to your blog. Heavy traffic on your blog will enable you to monetize it using ads or other methods.


Perhaps, YouTube is the largest video-creating giant present in the world today. Approximately 720,000-hours of visual content gets uploaded on YouTube every day.

You can select a topic to create videos upon and make a channel. Similar to blogs, you have to upload content regularly and be consistent.

Once you have a specific number of views, YouTube will allow you to monetize the channel by ads, sponsors, and viewers. Around 5-billion videos are being watched on YouTube every day. Hence, the chances of your content getting views are high, considering you put up quality content. Plus, another benefit that YouTube derives is instant popularity and exposure to media. So, you can become a YouTube star too!


Did you know an estimate of 88-million people listen to podcasts? Well, podcast creation is another effective way to earn money at home. You’ll have to create quality podcasts and upload them either on a registered platform or on your blog. The more people listen, the more money you make.

Downloads apps & Test websites

Did you know some applications pay you for downloads and activity? Absurd but True!

There are numerous applications, such as ScreenLift, that will offer you money in return for downloading and using them.

Also, there are websites revolving around reviews and tested products that will pay you for putting up an honest review. Some websites might also send you the items for testing beforehand!

Sell out your old & usable stuff!

Do you have an expensive chair that is no longer in use? Well, then why let it sit around and get rusted further? You can always give away your old stuff in exchange for some money!

You can sell everything that is old but usable. These items include clothes, home appliances, gadgets, books, toys, and much more. Today, you can find several organizations and online thrift stores that pay for usable old stuff.

The cash earned by this method varies drastically upon the old items you possess. If you have antique and collectible items, you can surely get more worth of money. However, an old TV might not offer you much.

Or rent it out

In case you do not want to let go of your possessions, you can always rent them out. And, this does not limit you to the old stuff. You can also rent your car at Uber, Careem, and rent-a-car services. Or, perhaps, if you have spare space available, you can transform it into a workspace and rent it out to working individuals.

There’s much more!

Apart from these, you can expand your earning sources by freelancing, tutoring, and whatnot. Today, you can do practically anything from home. You can even run a business! All you require is a good strategy and market evaluation skills. In case you lack at these, you can always take assistance from internet learning resources for adults that are available online.  Good Luck!

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