Why is BTS So Successful and What Makes Them Stand Out?

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Why is BTS so popular? What is so unique about this Korean band that the entire world is so fascinated by them?

The immense popularity of BTS has raised a few legitimate questions, and that starts with how the K-pop boy band attained this rapid success. Making it big globally is definitely a big deal especially with so many accomplished contemporary bands around. Before delving deeper into the unique traits, this Korean band possesses, here is a little backstory of BTS for all their K-pop fans.

When did BTS first come into the picture?

The famous K-pop band with seven members made their debut in 2013 with the famous hip-hop single No More Dream. What made them relevant was their constant urge to talk about social issues through their lyrics, and that is how they grabbed the youngsters.

So if the question is ‘Why is BTS so popular’, probably the best way to answer that will be to talk about their offerings for the past few years. Initially, what started as a small initiative became a global sensation due to their relevant concepts which were encouraging for the young audience.

How BTS got their Popularity?

Although the members started off as underdogs, their first debut itself made a mark from the get-go. It also grabbed 14th position in Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart just within two weeks of its release. A great start turned out to be quite beneficial for them since they were receiving further recognition from multiple music awards.

Most of their admirers believe that their turning point was winning the South Korean music program The Show back in 2015. Even two years later the Korean band got the Billboard Music Award for the top social artist, and that made their presence more strong. Some back to back music tours and unique choreography patterns during both videos and live shows were enough to keep the audience engrossed.

In order to understand how BTS got their popularity, one should also notice how the band has smartly utilized their social media handles to gain a wider reach. Their massive American fanbase and ongoing hype perfectly depict the immense popularity they have achieved.

What makes BTS so unique?

While talking about their specialties the songs they have created deserve more emphasis. Through songs like “Love Yourself,” they have beautifully represented the theme of self-love. Also songs like ‘Fake Love’, ‘Dope’ have some significant value that the gen-y instantly resonates with.

Apart from the compelling storyline and lyrics, the “I Need You” makers also grabbed attention for their splendid wardrobe, beautiful use of colors, and special effects. The great break from the monotonous style of creating videos automatically creates hype among youngsters.

BTS is undoubtedly a global phenomenon. Masses of fans, looking forward to the next work of this K-pop group, creates various quizzes, graphics, and fan videos. Quizzes are a great example of interesting fan content about your favorite band. If you’d like to try your hand in one of these engaging quizzes, then we recommend this quiz about the K-pop band BTS.

Some features of BTS that deserve attention

Over the years BTS has made a significant mark in the world of the Internet with impressive lyrics, high-end videos, and compelling choreography. Here are some traits that make them stand out.

Their music:

Both the tune and lyrics play a huge role in the massive success of this K-pop band. The relatability young audience finds with their songs do not come as a mere surprise. All the lead singers have made sure that they talk about real issues and emotions through their songs, and that makes the band special among others.

The concepts they choose to enhance their songs have been beneficial for their growth. Subjects like mental health, bullying, overworked students chasing their dreams have been easier to resonate with people struggling with these.

Grasp over the Internet:

While most K-pop bands promote love songs and light-hearted things, BTS has stuck to the realistic approach. And most of their work reflects their own struggle, personal stories.

In order to reach out to more people, the boy band has utilized the power of social media, which has been ruling for quite a long time. Sharing personal stories through social media handles and communicating with the fans directly have allowed them to build a strong online presence.

Even Suga, who is a member of BTS in one of his interviews, mentioned that without social media, they would not have made this mark.

Their slick  performance:

The best motivation for artists is when their art is appreciated and that is what BTS has been aiming for since the beginning. They made sure that their artistic approach seems unique to the audience.

In order to achieve that, they have focused on creating attractive music videos using amazing dance routines. Their live shows have been equally popular because of their energetic performance, eye-popping fashion sense, and slick choreography.

Apart from their well-choreographed music videos, several live shows of BTS also proved their exceptional talent and smooth grasp over the crowd. Starting from their debut performance for ‘No More Dream’ to the classic live show for ‘Fake Love’ at M Countdown, they got it all covered.

Prioritizing their fans:

It is known to all that a huge fanbase BTS has gained over the past few years. Innovative storylines and a unique approach to making music videos more compelling have been one of their biggest strengths.

However, after a certain point, their focus became to connect to their fans both through their art and the Internet. These loyal fans only made them more remarkable, and the biggest instance for that has to be the 300 million online votes for Billboard Award.

Attaining such a fanbase is a huge achievement for any musician, and in their case, all seven of them have experienced that. In order to make sure that the audience continues to shower their support, BTS members actively communicate with the ‘BTS ARMYs’ and maintain the personal touch.

Therefore, to answer ‘Why is BTS so successful’, it is safe to say that these loyal fans played the main part in their massive growth.

Maintaining such an enormous fanbase and popularity is not that simple, especially with so many talented competitors around. All these features mentioned above play a huge role in explaining how BTS got their popularity. In a world where several concepts are getting introduced on a daily basis, authenticity and relatability make BTS distinctive.

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  1. Thank you for the article, they are hardworking young men that donot rely on sexual attraction and valgarity language but reach their audiences via lyrics and it’s messages. I truly love that about them.

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