Marvel and Disney Move Towards Streaming

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) might soon become the “Marvel Streaming Universe,” as the top new superhero projects appear slated for streaming release. Marvel Studios, along with scores of other production companies, finds theatrical release plans unreliable for 2021. So, the studio and parent company Disney appear to move in the direction of streaming releases. The Disney+ service has scores of series projects in mind. Recent news broke that Marvel is casting the lead for the Moon Knight series. The company finished the Hawkeye/Falcon series and the Wanda/Vision series and intends to produce She-Hulk after Moon Knight.


Streaming vs. Theatrical Releases

Signing up for streaming services isn’t difficult, and would-be customers don’t have to deal with the worries and concerns associated with attending a movie theater. Maybe pop culture fans are following the lead of online casino supporters on sites like this, as they only need to create an account, choose a payment method, and enjoy the activity from home.

That’s not to say Marvel Studios only intends to promote streaming services. Production recently started on the third new Spider-Man film, although that is a Sony production. Marvel likely still maintains a joint partnership with Sony, which procured Spider-Man and related characters’ licenses. The upcoming Spider-Man film won’t likely become ready for release until 18 months from now at a minimum. The theatrical landscape could change, but it doesn’t appear bright at present. Some even suggest that the theatrical release distribution concept may soon fade away, as the global pandemic forced theater closings worldwide.

AMC Theaters worries it may not stay in business much longer. If the company shuts down, there won’t be as many theaters to carry theatrical releases. Where would Disney, Marvel, and others go for live exhibitions when these venues shut down? Audiences and entertainment industry executives both must wait to see how things play out. The film and TV industry represents a gamble, not unlike the aforementioned online casino industry in many ways. That said, no one in the entertainment industry expected to see a pandemic impact the industry to the degree it did.


Losses and Delays Pile Up

The new Dr. Strange film and the Shang-Chi film both saw shutdowns and delays. Marvel and Disney have yet to release information describing the current status of these projects. Likely, Marvel lost millions upon millions of dollars due to delays. Even when production slates returns, concerns exist about distribution. Would audiences be willing to pay $19.95 or $29.95 for the films as “new release streaming pay per views?” Chances are the price places such one-shot viewings out of many budgets.

Streaming services, ones that come with a flat monthly subscription cost, could be far more affordable. Hence, Marvel and Disney+ continue to emphasize streaming platforms. Disney+ did hit outstanding subscriber numbers when it debuted. The Marvel, Star Wars, and various Disney franchise projects helped those figures rise.


Streaming Solution

Streaming amassed significant numbers of subscribers. Likely, video game and casino platforms saw boosts in new accounts. People do look for things to do when remaining inside, and streaming provides an option. Escapist entertainment tends to uplift people’s moods, and a rousing action/superhero film could be an enjoyable distraction.

Marvel and Disney sought to generate some buzz about Moon Knight by circulating casting rumors. At one point, they suggested Keanu Reeves was in the running for the title hero. The story turned out to be false, as Oscar Isaac appears signed on for the lead.

No matter who plays Moon Knight or any other Marvel character, the future appears to be hurrying in the direction of streaming. Theatrical events may be a thing of the past.

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