‘Ghost Adventures’ Season 2 Premieres this Halloween on TV5

Beginning this Halloween, your weekend TV habit will be spookier and hilarious than ever, because the wacky gang of Ghost Adventures is back on TV5!

For its second season, Ghost Adventures is back with the famous Ghost Whisperer Par Jack (Benjie Paras) for more wacky and scary adventures. And if there are new adventures, there’s going to be a new villain! And a new love interest, maybe?

In GHOST ADVENTURES 2, famous Ghost Whisperer Par Jack opens his new business, the Day Scare Center to help the dead’s soul peacefully cross over to the afterlife. But aside from helping dead souls, he also has a mission to look for his dead wife’s soul, whom he believes has become a lost soul. Helping Par Jack at the Day Scare Center are his two reliable sidekicks Nik (Pio Balbuena), who’s responsible for the Ghost Clients, and Bur (Billy Villeta), who handles the Living Clients. The more souls Par Jack can help, the stronger his third eye will become, and the faster he can look for his dead wife’s lost soul.

Because of Par Jack’s Day Scare Center, the lazy Grim Reaper Kasper (Empoy Marquez) suddenly feels threatened. Kasper fears that he might lose his job because of Par Jack, and so he does everything he can to prevent Par Jack from helping souls cross to the afterlife. Helping Kasper with his devious schemes are his loyal Grim Reaper trainees, Ghosting (Andrew Muhlach) and Multoni (Madz Red).

Meanwhile, because of a dead soul’s request to save his girlfriend from death, Par Jack will meet Luna (Kylie Verzosa), a girl who will remind him of his dead wife. Eventually, Luna will join the Day Scare Center and will become the official vlogger of their adventures.

The second season of GHOST ADVENTURES is sure to tickle your funny bone and warm your heart with every ghost cases that Par Jack and Day Scare Center will solve. So starting October 31 at 6pm, join him and the whole gang in their scary and funny GHOST ADVENTURES every week! Exclusively on TV5.

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