Dingdong and Marian Show the Happiness of Home Life in their Kwentong UFC Digital Series

Even though life has surely changed for everyone during these extraordinary times, some things still stay the same for us to still rely on—things like the love of our family, and our favorite foods. Without these, life would definitely be tougher to get through right now.

One such reliable favorite is beloved NutriAsia brand UFC, trusted by generations of Filipino families. UFC knows what it’s like to share love and happiness with the family at home for 50 years and counting, which is why it celebrated its golden anniversary by tapping Pinoy showbiz power couple Dingdong and Marian Dantes for its Kwentong UFC digital video series.

Directed by Dingdong, produced and written by the Dantes family, and completely acted by Dingdong and Marian, the Kwentong UFC digital shorts show glimpses from the blissful home and married life the two live—with a little help from their favorite UFC products that make their mealtimes and little moments even more flavorful.

Three Kwentong UFC episodes have already aired on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

“Menudo,” a Father’s Day episode, pays tribute to Dingdong’s work as the perfect partner and a loving father to their children, with Marian preparing her menudo recipe which was handed down by her grandmother—helped along by UFC Ready Recipes Menudo Mix.

“Jose at Maria,” the second episode, is a kilig-inducing story which celebrates the little intimate moments Dingdong and Marian spend together when they’re not busy working and taking care of the kids. They go on a little home date with their favorite comfort food, made even better by their trusted UFC Hot & Spicy Banana Catsup.

“Spaghetti” is a heart-warming episode that shows some hijinks on Marian’s birthday. Dingdong prepares a special spaghetti meal for Marian using her secret recipe, but she inadvertently ends up ruining it! She whips up a replacement in under an hour using UFC Sweet Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce.

Beyond being wholesome entertainment for the whole family, the episodes are also one way to get inspiration for your next delicious meal with your favorite UFC products!

Dingdong and Marian’s Kwentong UFC series are available to watch online. Catch “Menudo,” “Jose at Maria,” and “Spaghetti,” and stay tuned for more episodes!

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