Best Ireland Destinations to Visit after the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world to a halt, the ones with some wanderlust are sure looking to get back on the road. There is no saying when recreational traveling is suitable or perhaps even possible again, one sure can fantasize over some hot spots and do their research.

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When it comes to the best destinations in Ireland, we have whipped up just the right list for you. Browse through to get to know about some scenic, chic, and luxurious Ireland destinations. With Rail.Ninja you can get to any location you pick with complete reliability. Pick out your style destination for a Post-COVID travel plan!

  1. Sligo

If you’re a small-town folk, you’ll truly enjoy a visit to Sligo! A town based in the medieval ages, with its arched stone bridges and cobbled street lanes; it can be a quick escape to the 19th century where country life exists in true essence. Lined alongside the Knocknarea Mountains this town is a reflection of natural beauty embedded in realism. With centuries-old architecture, you can get away amidst the peaks. An awe-inspiring view next to the pebble beach of Sligo Bay adds more to the calming vibes

  1. Boyne Valley

Boyne valley will let you enter the heartlands of the Kildare County. Wrapped up by the Irish Sea this is the perfect call close to nature. Travellers are known to visit the Newgrange Monument here, which dates back to thousands of years. If your goal is getting close to nature and its marvels, Boyne Valley is your destination. Visit the Trim Castle and wide banks for a fairytale escapade.

  1. The Rock of Cashel

If you are into Haunted mansions and a storybook vibe, The Rock of Cashel in Ireland is your “Adam’s Family” retreat. A castle with charm and a gothic vibe clearly holds some crumbling walls and ancient bits that can take you to the early middle ages. Not to forget, the haunting graveyards of celtic stones are the true storytellers in the region. This destination is something truly out of a mystery novel!

  1. Killarney National Park

For a different kind of retreat with nature and wildlife, the Killarney National Park holds a multitude of variants. With herds of majestic red deer in swamps of oaks and yew, this is when you will find all creatures being one with nature. The lakes of Killarney underneath the Purple Mountains are much like a pretty painting to the eyes. With forests, birds, and wildlife, this is a spot for true nature lovers.

  1. Galway City

The Galway City is the classy getaway for the modern nomad. Having once been a major trading port it holds a rich heritage with merchants in its old streets. The city is adorned with performers, magicians, and artists who bring a lively vibe to the place. With cafes and pubs amidst a keen taste for art, this is a perfect go-to for a creative mind!

Photo by Steven Hylands from Pexels

Keep stalking your favorite destination spots to have a ready plan when you can get back to traveling. After all, in these testing times, there’s always hope when looking at what soothes our soul. Know more about these scenic spots and pick out the ones you’d like to visit. Browse through the best Ireland trips to find your pick. So, where do you plan to travel post COVID? Make some plans!

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