4 Luxurious Fashion Gifts for Men From Versace

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If you are trying to find some gift inspiration for the men in your life this fall and winter, whether it’s the perfect Christmas or anniversary gift for your partner, or perhaps a special birthday or graduation gift for an adult son, then luxury fashion can always be a good place to start. If the man you are buying for loves designer fashion, then they will no doubt be delighted to receive something from the latest menswear line from Italian designer fashion house Versace. Here, we’ve rounded up four of the best pieces from the latest collection that are easy to buy for somebody else, even if you aren’t sure about sizing.

Black Barocco Robe

A comfortable robe is ideal for lounging around in and feeling relaxed and pampered. So why not treat the man you are buying for to the ultimate in luxury with this plush Versace robe? The terry robe features the Versace branding all over, and the gold Barocco print that is a big feature of the current Versace collection on the belt and trim. The shawl style collar design makes the robe feel extra comfortable and luxurious, and the long sleeve length makes it warm enough for relaxing with coffee on winter mornings. If you want to make an even more decadent gift of this robe, you can also purchase the matching black Barocco slippers from the Versace collection that pair with it.

Gold Greek Key Ring

Versace have long used the head of the mythical Medusa as their logo, along with the iconic Greek key design. If you like the idea of treating the person you are buying for to a long lasting piece of jewelry, then you can’t really go wrong with the range of Greek inspired rings that are in the latest Versace collection for men. There are various styles you can choose from, from simple bands with the angular Greek Key design wrapping around them, to signet style rings with the Medusa head, but unless you know that the person you’re choosing for likes wearing bold pieces, the slim Greek key design in gold is a particularly good choice. This ring is subtle enough to wear every day and will pair well with smart clothing as well as trendy streetwear, and isn’t likely to be too big of a statement for most fashion conscious men.

Gold Greca Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglasses can also be a good thing to choose if you want to choose something that represents the luxurious style of one of the world’s best known designers but don’t want to risk buying something that won’t fit. Sunglasses are useful all year round, and a designer pair can make the man you are buying for instantly look and feel stylish and successful. As you might expect, Versace have plenty of choices when it comes to sunglasses for men in their current line, and they do range from bold statement sunglasses like their green Rock Icon sunglasses, through to more classic vintage designs like pilot or aviator styles with small touches that include the Grecian style designs of their current collection. If you aren’t sure what kind of style the person you are buying a gift for would wear, then the aviator style with thin gold rims are one of the less outlandish looks that will suit almost everybody, and so these could be the ideal choice.

Black Pop Medusa Backpack

In addition to the Greek Key and Barocco lines within the current range from Versace, there are also some really nice looking pieces in the Pop range, which features modern, bold takes on the Versace branding and Medusa design. There are shirts and shoes featuring the cool look of the monochrome Medusa, but if you are looking for something that will make a good gift without sizing being an issue then the bags or wallets in the Pop range are an excellent idea. There are some great colored leather wallets, with the orange version being especially stylish, but if you want a practical bag that is ideal for weekends or for commuting, then the black backpack with the Pop Medusa design is a stunning option that will appeal to most fashion savvy men.

These are just four of the best gift ideas from Versace for men for the coming season. If you’re looking for inspiration for this Christmas, you should definitely check out the full Versace collection!

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