Are You Thinking of Moving to Houston?

Here are a Few Things to Know Before Moving to This Hot Texas Town

Houston has become one of the fastest growing cities in Texas and its popularity is not without merit. Houston is a fun and enjoyable city for every type of person with space for everyone. Before you pack up the wagon and head to Houston, Texas, there are some things you will want to know, so take our advice with these excellent tips for moving to this hot Texas Town.

Houston is Hot

That is no exaggeration. It is hot in both popularity and overall temperature. When in Houston, sunscreen and a good hat will be your best friend. Temperatures can reach into the upper 90s during the summer season and with the city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, humidity is a factor here as well. When humidity is factored into the temperatures, heat indexes can reach into the low 100s making for a scorching summer day. When living in Houston, your car and home air conditioner will have to be kept in tip top condition. Regular annual checks will be a necessity.

You Need a Car

Houston does have a transit system, but it is relatively underdeveloped for such an expansive city. Buses and trains are available throughout the city but are rarely on schedule. Generally speaking, most residents maintain their own vehicle to ensure they arrive at their destination on time. The current transit system should only be used in a pinch.

Diversity is King in Houston

Finding diversity in some cities is difficult. Cultures tend to clump together making it difficult to comfortably move into a city where you are not a part of the predominant culture. Houston thankfully is not one of these cities. Houston is among the most diverse cities in the state and boasts over 90 different cultures in the city. Houston is home to various cultures in cuisine, language, activities, and more, so you need not worry about your unique culture being a negative here.

Storage Units are Essential

With such growth in Houston recently, home prices have begun to increase. Like any large city, the closer to the city center you get, the more expensive properties become. Additionally, house lots and available storage can come at a premium, so if you are moving from an area where square footage was cheaper, you may have to adjust to living in a smaller home. However, that is certainly not a negative with so many positive attributes offered from living in Houston.

To help you out, consider renting a storage unit during your move. Storage units in Houston are remarkably affordable and help your home stay organized and clutter free. Additionally, it can help store extra vehicles, construction equipment, seasonal items, and are available in both standard storage facilities and climate controlled varieties.

Say Goodbye to Zoning Laws

Zoning laws are in place to help cities grow in the way lawmakers of that city see fit. However, residents and business owners often find these laws restrictive. Restrictions on how large or high a building can be can drastically alter an ambitious building project. Thankfully, in Houston, there are no zoning laws. Where that might sound like a negative to some, it is actually a positive for those moving into the city. It allows for truly organic growth throughout the city and maximizes the potential of each resident to chase and fulfill their dreams.

Hurricanes Are a Possibility

Weather issues vary throughout the country and each place has their own common weather problems to contend with, but in Houston, the possibility of a hurricane is always there. Gulf storms are common and can have a significant impact on the city. However, most storms minimally impact the city. It is recommended that a Houston resident have an emergency evacuation plan. Families should have a place at the ready and funds set aside to pay for a place to stay, such as a hotel, for at least a week. Preparation is the key in surviving one of these major storms.

Moving to a new city is exciting and when moving to an up and coming place like Houston, you can rest assured you will have an enjoyable time. Houston is one of the best cities in Texas for young professionals and families of all types. With industry and cultural events prevalent in the city, Houston is the place to be these days. Take the time to evaluate your needs and what you want for your family to determine if Houston is the right fit for you.

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