Tips To Clean Home During Holidays

Holiday cleaning can be quite an overwhelming task, especially when there is so much to do. You have to focus on welcoming guests, making treats, decorating home, and buying gifts. But an untidy home is unwelcoming. Modern Maids, top ranked maid service in Dallas discusses a few holiday cleaning tips to make life easier for you.

How To Clean Home During Holidays

First things first, make a to-do checklist before diving right into the holiday home cleaning project.  What do you wish to clean and organize? Do you have the stock of home cleaning supplies handy? When everything is ready, plan out the cleaning job. What room do you want to start cleaning first? Tackle one room first. Perhaps the guest room should to the list.

Start with the Entryway

The entryway might be the most ignored space when it comes to holiday cleaning. But since it is the first area where guests will step in, you do not want to forget cleaning it altogether. So start with the entryway when cleaning for holidays to receive guests. Create that first impression right away.

It might be the toughest to clean as well, with an extra layer of grime. But there are simple home cleaning products that can help you get rid of the mud and debris. One simple cleaning solution is to use a combination of soap and water. Do not forget to clean the doormats and door. The doorknob is one of the most touched areas that catches dust and germs so clean that first.

Spruce up the guest room

In many homes, guest room is rarely used and gets an opportunity to serve you when you host guests. That means it is bound to be cleaner than other rooms. But when you are preparing to clean home during holidays, you ought to go a step further in tidying up the guestroom. If it has been left dormant, holiday season is the time to refresh it with new sheets. Clean up the mattress, carpet, rugs, doors, and windows with a touch of vinegar.

What’s more, you could freshen up your carpets and rugs with a DIY natural cleaner using a paste of baking soda, lavender, and chamomile. Sprinkle it on the carpets and leave overnight. Next day, after vacuuming, treat yourself to amazingly fresh upholstery.

Wipe clean the furniture to freshen it up.

Don’t forget the Guest Bathroom

An unused bathroom is also likely to collect dust and germs. Add to this, the odor emanating from a closed bathroom. Consider using a dash of lime juice to freshen the room and spread the natural aroma of lemon. What’s more, you can make a DIY bathroom cleaning solution with baking soda and lime juice to fight hard-water stains.

Smarten up the kitchen

Your kitchen must be all set to witness the making of deliciousness of the holiday season. So make sure it is sparkling clean before the guests arrive. Remember, it’s the place where guests love to roam around for treats.

You never know when a guest might want to bake a delicious batch of cookies to surprise everyone around. You will do well to wipe down cupboards and appliances to keep your kitchen guest-ready. The countertops need extra bit of cleaning and care. Your oven and microwave need your attention too. Baking soda works as an excellent cleaning agent. So make the most of it for cleaning purpose during your holiday cleaning project.

Stock up on garbage bags and dishwasher detergent.  Of course, you do not want to run out of these essentials during the busiest season of the year.

Put it where it belongs

Another important aspect of cleaning for holidays is to declutter and keep it where it belongs. Nothing wastes more time than having to clear up the everyday clutter. So why let the clutter be there at the first place? Make it a habit to not let it happen and move everything to its home.  Cleaning task would become easier than ever.

Clean the dirty walls

One of the most ignored spaces in a property, walls tend to get dirty too! No, it’s not always the kids to be blamed for painting the walls with their creativity, but dirt, grime, and dust can also ruin the appeal of a wall. The light fixtures attract the most dirt and germs. So it is one of the most crucial home cleaning tips for holidays to clean the fixtures and light switches.

Freshen it up

A clean property is the star attraction for guests. When guests do come calling during the holiday season, treat their senses to natural aroma from herbs, such as lavender and chamomile. Make your own room freshener with lavender essential oil and water. Add little amount of vodka and your DIY natural freshener is ready in a jiffy to freshen your space.

These holiday cleaning tips come in handy all the time. After all, who does not like fresh, clean, and spruced up space? So what are you waiting for? Make your home fresh and inviting for the holidays.

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