6 Tips to Choosing the Best Dog Crate

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A dog crate comes in handy when you want to tame your furry friend. Once the dog is confined, you can be sure that you will not return home to find your stuff torn into pieces and thrown all over the floor of the house. The other advantage is that you can use it when house training your dog so that they refrain from doing their business on your carpet. Since a crate is designed to look like a den, dogs can easily relate with it. But how exactly do you go about shopping for the ideal dog crate. Here is a list of tips that can guide you when looking to buy a crate for your dog.


  1. Crate Material

There are basically four types of materials that are used to make dog crates and they include metal, plastic, wood and fabric. Each of these materials is good. In fact, your choice of material should be guided by how you intend to use the crate. A metallic crate is obviously the most durable, especially if you intend to be keeping it outdoors. However, make sure it’s made from rust resistant metal. A plastic crate on the other hand, is ideal for a dog that stays indoors. It’s also easy to clean when compared to one made from metal. In addition to that, a crate made from fabric is the best if you intend to be travelling with your canine. This is because it comes with flexible design. In fact, it can easily be mistaken for a big travelling bag.


  1. Size of Dog when Mature

Most dog owners pick a crate that their puppy can fit into. This is actually a huge mistake. This is because the dog will eventually outgrow the crate as age catches up with it. The problem is that you will have to budget for another crate as your dog grows up. If you are buying a crate for a puppy that you recently adopted, think about its size when it’s fully grown. That way, you can be sure that your dog will continue resting in the crate even after it has matured.


  1. Easy to Clean

This one goes without saying. Every dog deserves to stay in a clean environment to avoid the wrath of pests and diseases. You should therefore pick a crate that’s designed to be easy to clean. An ideal crate is one that’s fitted with a removable base tray so that you don’t have to strain when scooping out dirt.


  1. Price

Just like other items that are sold in stores, dog crates come in various designs and prices. All in all, you should buy a crate that is within your budget. The good thing is that one crate can be used for many years. Besides that, there are some models that cost a premium price. Crates made from metal and wood tend to be costlier than those constructed from either plastic or fabric material. The good thing is that you have the privilege of choosing between brand new and a used crate. But in case you buy a second hand crate, make sure it’s first sanitized to kill bacteria before putting your dog inside.


  1. Portability

If you want to be able to travel with your dog, it’s recommended you opt for a portable crate. A crate that’s portable comes with a folding frame regardless of whether it’s made from either metal or plastic. A wooden crate is not ideal for travelling because the material is heavy. The good thing is that you will not need to use any tools when pitching the crate after arriving at your destination.


  1. Comfort

As a novice shopper, it’s easy to compromise the comfort of your dog. Remember, you will be using the crate both at home and when travelling. Indestructible dog crates are your surest bet because they are designed to remain sturdy regardless of where they are kept. Even if the crate is stashed with other stuff in the under cabin of a plane, you can be sure that your dog will arrive safely. This sturdiness also helps keep your dog safe in case your car is involved in a road accident. You should also buy a crate that’s roomy enough to allow the dog to move freely inside. Your dog should be able to stand, turn around and sleep inside the crate without any difficulty. The crate should also be well ventilated to allow fresh air to circulate inside.

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