7 Great Gifts for Freelancers Who Travel and Work

It is quite difficult for the people who travel and work as a freelancer to carry something that cannot fit in their backpacks. have gathered about seven such gifts that the freelancers would enjoy.


  1. Travel Power Adapter

A travel power adapter is an extremely important device for the travelling freelancers. Due to this travel power adapter, they would be able to plug in all their devices no matter the size or shape of the outlet in any country. This is a particularly useful and an inexpensive gift that your travelling freelancer friend would love to have.


  1. External Battery Charger

Good electrical current is not present everywhere in the world. An external battery charger must be used for charging the mobile phones or the laptops, as erratic electricity can destroy your battery if you plug in your device directly into the wall socket. Rather you should plug in your external battery charger into the wall socket and let it deal with the erratic electricity. Later, you can use the charged external battery charger to charge your devices safely.


  1. Nord VPN

A secure connection is of utmost importance for everyone, especially the freelancers, who are dealing with their clients on the internet. Therefore, to make sure that the connection is safe and secure, and the hackers are unable to access your laptop, a good VPN must be used. Various companies can provide you with a VPN, but Nord VPN is the safest. You will be able to protect up to six devices with the help of only one account. This would make the Nord VPN one of the best gifts for a travelling freelancer.


  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A freelancer cannot work if they cannot concentrate. If they are unable to work properly, they will miss their deadline. If they miss their deadline, their reputation will suffer. As a solution to all these complex problems, you should gift you are travelling freelancer buddy noise-cancelling headphones. These noise-cancelling headphones would let them concentrate on their work. They could also listen to some light music if they want while they work.


  1. Wi-Fi Extender

Internet is the most important thing for digital nomads, as their entire work is based on it. Sometimes in a certain place, they are not able to get solid Wi-Fi signals. The Wi-Fi extender can help your travelling freelancer friend in that case. The Wi-Fi extender grabs a weak signal from a distance and redirects it to where you are sitting.


  1. Microfiber Towel

One of the biggest problems faced by travellers is that they do not have enough space in their backpacks for heavy towels. As a solution to this problem, you can buy your travelling freelancer friend the Microfiber towel. These towels are extremely light in weight, and they do not take a long time to dry. They take almost no room in the backpack; therefore, instead of carrying around those heavy towels, or using the hotel or hostel towels, they should start carrying the microfiber towel around while travelling.


  1. Packing Cubes

As mentioned earlier, the only thing that the freelancers carry while they are travelling is a backpack. Sometimes, it gets quite messy when you cannot fit everything into one backpack. This is the point the packing cubes comes into the scene. They are water-resistant and are made up of high-quality nylon. They can help you out in organizing your stuff, and due to this, you will easily find whatever you need whenever you need, instead of digging around in your backpack.


If you are thinking about sending a gift to a freelancer who travels, you need to be smart. One thing to keep in mind before buying anything for a freelancer is that whatever you may buy, it should be able to fit in their backpack, as that is mostly the only thing that they carry along.


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