Ways to Date Remotely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Future histories will look consider the Spring of 2020 as a period when the world faced the most adversity since the major wars of the 20th century. Coronavirus began as an item low down in our nightly news bulletins, gathering momentum, until the realization dawned that what we were all facing was a pandemic. With the advent of lockdown we are all having to reassess how we contact family and friends. This has proved tricky in certain situations. For those in the early stages of relationships, who are perhaps still touching base on a dating platform and can’t isolate together, this means thinking outside the box. Dating experts from this website have shared some of the ways singles can embrace virtual dating.

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A social networking service launched a year ago, Houseparty allows you to touch base with family and friends, either individually, or during group discussions. The app is available in mobile and desktop versions and involves sending a notification to others in your group about which users happen to be online and looking to chat. This instant communication is ideal when it comes to keeping in touch with a date during social isolation.


Netflix Party

Enjoying the latest movies with a partner is a staple leisure pursuit of any relationship. The Coronavirus situation has meant people can no longer attend their local multiplex, or might be restricted to whose home they can visit to watch favorite films together. Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that means you can indulge your taste in cinema with your partner, taking in the action but also chatting in real-time, just as if you were in the same location.


Create joint playlists

The advent of music streaming sites like Deezer and Spotify, granting access to millions upon millions of songs by your favorite artists, means you and your partner can have terrific fun collaborating on playlists to enjoy together. Choosing which songs to include in this checklist can be the source of a lot of fun, as debates can lead to healthy banter, with disagreements being smoothed over with charm and good humor.


Make the most of virtual liaisons

You can rely on the latest developments in technology to help date remotely. Virtual reality headsets and increasingly sophisticated 3D communication mean you can enjoy very satisfying levels of intimate contact, even when you’re nowhere near each other geographically. All that it takes is a little imagination, and a lot of investment in the latest software releases, to guarantee maximum realism.


Send gifts

Any remote relationship, with or without a backdrop of a global medical crisis, will benefit from the giving and receiving of gifts. If there’s an adage about absence making the heart grow fonder, receiving a surprise present will cause the heart to beat ever faster, making the subject pine for the all-clear from the government’s scientific advisors so they can be reunited. The choice of gift is important, but very often the gesture of sending something, reminding a loved one they are being thought about, is enough to create a glowing feeling.


Revert to snail mail

It’s a common enough assumption that the optimum method of keeping in touch during this global threat is to rely on various technologies – Zoom, Houseparty, Skype, and many others. But one way guaranteed to get any remotely located partner feeling wanted is to take the trouble to eschew the electronic medium and write a good old-fashioned love letter. Most of us are out of practice when it comes to handwriting, so just take your time. The effort will be well worth it.



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