Jed Madela Headlines ‘New Normal’ Concert

World Champion Jed Madela is once again breaking new grounds as he headlines “New Normal,” a first of its kind, exclusive online digital concert this Saturday (June 27) at 9pm. The concert is produced by Jed’s MADD Creatives and GM Proponents. Tickets to this concert is available via the Kapamilya Tickets website, It will also be streamed via KTX.

“The pandemic has really pushed everyone to be anxious, but we as Filipinos, we are fighters, and we always find a reason to stay inspired and to survive,” says Jed. “’New Normal’ is a celebration of that spirit, and the optimism that we will all overcome this.”

Jed sees “New Normal” as an avenue to re-connect with his loyal and new fans by a night of unforgettable music and world-class performance.

“Working on this project is exciting and nerve-wracking,” admits Jed. “This is an unchartered territory, having an online concert like this, but I am assuring that, as always, what I offer is topnotch entertainment.”

In “New Normal,” Jed is not just a performer as he is also the show’s overall creative producer and director.

“I love this challenge, so I guess in a way, this is the most personal project for me in recent years,” shares Jed. “You will get to know more about me as an artist in this ‘New Normal’ concert.”

Asked about his repertoire, Jed assures that he will perform his biggest hits and some new songs that will surely delight his followers.

“’New Normal’ is an intimate celebration with all of my followers and fans, who have selflessly journeyed with me through the years,” relates Jed. “I hope to see all of you as we embrace the ‘New Normal.’”

“New Normal” is co-presented by PLDT Home.

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