‘A Tale of Thousand Stars’ is GMMTV’s First BL Series in a Non-Campus Setting

GMMTV, one of Thailand’s leading entertainment company known for producing Boys Love (BL) series, is gearing up for their next offering: “A Tale of Thousand Stars.”

Unlike their previous hits like “Sotus,” “Water Boyy,” “Theory of Love,” “Dark Blue Kiss,” and “2gether,” the main characters of their latest project are not university students. Instead of a campus setting, the story of this one will revolve around the working environment of the two leads.

“A Tale of Thousands Stars” is topbilled by Pirapat Watthanasetsiri (Earth from “Water Boyy the Series”) as Phupha, a forestry officer; and Sahaphap Wongratch (Mix, a newbie) as Tian, a volunteer teacher in a remote area.

Here’s the translated synopsis of “A Tale of Thousand Stars” from MyDramaList:

A volunteer teacher dies in a tragic accident, in which her heart is transplanted to Tian. Through a series of diary entries Tian learns about her life; her secrets and interests. Including her promise to military officer Phupha, about counting a thousand stars with him. Tian then decides to follow in her footsteps and complete her dream. With Tian a new volunteer teacher, he attempts to befriend Phupha. Yet, Phupha gives off a cold exterior. Slowly the two grow close, but Tian’s heart beats fast around the military officer. As he starts to fall for him, much like its previous owner did. But with the area being war-ridden and dangerous, can they keep their thousand-star promise?

At the helm of “A Tale of Thousand Stars” is Backof Aof Noppharnach, the director of “Dark Blue Kiss” and “He’s Coming to Me.”

Don’t expect to see a library, football field, university classroom, and everything you see inside a campus as the typical setting in most BLs in this new series. Instead, get ready to take a journey in the beautiful countryside of Thailand, a remote village where the love story of Phupha and Tian will develop.

This is the book in which the series was adapted from:

As you can see, the original character of Phupha is supposed to be a soldier but because of political implications, the management decided to change it into a forestry officer to avoid the risk of getting “controversial.” After all, producing a BL series with non-teenagers as lead characters at a non-campus setting, is already a risk in itself. This is totally different from what BL viewers are accustomed to watching so producing this series is actually a gamble.

Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself:

Sound off in the comment section below if you are interested in watching “A Tale of Thousand Stars” despite its differences from a typical BL series.

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  1. I have already watched this series and it is absolutely beautiful! The leads have great chemistry, the story is at times heartbreaking with a happy ending and there are quite a few funny moments. I love this series!

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