‘Sakristan’ is First Pinoy BL to Trend on YouTube PH

The second episode of the Pinoy BL (Boys Love) web series “Sakristan” has been trending on YouTube Philippines for a week now. Titled “Bangkok,” the said episode already garnered around 450,000 views to date and peaked at no. 11 position.

The series’ pilot episode titled “Touch-Move” which premiered on May 31 also trended and peaked as high as no. 5 in the K-pop dominated chart. It stayed in the Top 50 for two weeks and garnered 691,393 views as of this posting which is quite good for a debut. The show’s official hashtags for first and second episodes also trended on Twitter Philippines which is a strong indicator that it’s a discussion magnet.

“Sakristan” is created by Darryl Yap, the director of the box-office hit comedy “Jowable” from Viva Films which starred Kim Molina in 2019. The BL series stars swimming champion Clifford Pusing and theater actor John Henry Villanueva.

In the BL series, Pusing plays Zachary Vigo (Zach), a student-athlete who is punished by the school board to become an altar server in order to correct him from his mischiefs.

Villanueva portrays the role of Christian Cordero, a model student who excels in a number of school activities. He is also the leader of the altar servers and he will be tasked to guide Zach to the right path.

Watch the first two episodes of “Sakristan” below:

Sakristan Episode 1 – “Touch Move”

Sakristan Episode 2 – “Bangkok”

Catch the third episode of “Sakristan” titled “Cuerdas” at midnight of June 14, 2020 on Darryl Yap’s YouTube channel “VinCentinments.”

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