Celebrities and Watches: The Right Match for All Occasions

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When celebrities walk the red carpet or participate in an event, they rarely dress themselves. They become the perfect host to attach brands to them. This goes for clothing but also for accessories such as high-end watches like Rolex.

Watch Stylists: Matching superstars and watches

Jeanne Yang is a specialist of watches. She is what the industry calls a “watch stylist”. When you see Rolex watches worn by celebrities, it is possibly her who’s made the match. Creating that kind of synergy benefits both the artist and the brand.

You may remember the time when Robert Downey Jr. got his hands indicted into the cement located in front of the iconic Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. This actor is known for his love and collection of watches and on that particular day he was wearing a Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30° Technique Sapphire. This piece worth more than half a million dollar is exactly what you need when you place your hands in cement, right? For the brand and the actor, it was the perfect occasion and Jeanne Yang is the one that made it happen.

The right watch for the right event

The enthusiasm in Yang’s voice when she talks about watches is almost contagious. She insists that adding the right one to attend a particular event can be the little bit of punctuation that makes the sentence flow; an interesting metaphor to say the least. She goes on to remind us that a man’s arm can really look bare if you don’t have a beautiful time piece strapped around it. She has her favourite brands such as Forsey, Urwertk and De Bethune, but she claims that she always adapts according to the client she is working for and the event they attend.

Rolex: Popular with Celebrities

Rolex is probably the best known brand name in regards to luxury watches. No wonder, they sell so well in the pre-owned market, an industry gaining a lot of adepts such as collectors and first-time buyers. It has been around for decades now and represents style and elegance.

That is why stars like Justin Theroux chose to wear a 1971 Gold Rolex Submariner on an outing not long ago, a vintage item that dates back to the year of his birth. For Rihanna, the model she prefers is the Rolex DateJust, which she has been seen wearing in many different occasions. Interestingly enough, it seems to also be Bono’s favourite. Finally, David Beckham likes Rolex models that refer to the sea. His latest tendency was to show up with a Rolex Sea-Dweller Deepsea on his arm whereas before he would often be sporting a Submariner or a GMT-Master.

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