‘Gameboys’ Kicks Off the Pinoy BL Series Craze

Thanks to Thailand’s “2gether the Series,” we discovered that the “boys love” genre can be a hit among Filipino viewers. Boys Love or BL, if you’ve been living under a rock, is a drama that centers on the romantic story of two male leads. Countries like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan (mostly anime called “Yaoi”) and especially Thailand have been producing this genre for several years now and it’s attracting viewers not just from their own country and neighboring Asian countries but on other continents as well (as far as Brazil, Nigeria, and even the US). The genre has not been tried in the Philippines because of the perception that Filipinos are “conservative.” Well except for GMA’s “My Husband’s Lover” in 2013 which I consider as a soap opera rather than a BL series. After that, we haven’t had a drama series with 2 male actors as the lead characters. Then came “Gameboys,” the very first locally made BL series in a long time which was launched on YouTube last Friday, May 22, the first Friday with no new episode of “2gether the Series” to look forward to (The Sarawat-Tine love story concluded two weeks ago, hitting first spot on Twitter’s … Continue reading ‘Gameboys’ Kicks Off the Pinoy BL Series Craze