How To Organize A Successful Office Party

Office parties are always a welcome idea. Although cherished by many, planning/organizing an office party takes a lot more than just the drinks and foods. One needs to be sure to cater to everyone’s needs and likes to avoid becoming the center of politics in the office. It is for this reason, and more, that most people would be terrified if/when requested to plan for one.   You however should be afraid of the task; all you need is a solid plan, and everything will fall in place. Here are a few tips on how to organize a successful office party.


  1. Have an Open-Mind and Be Inclusive

As mentioned earlier, a lot goes into planning an office party.  For one, you need to ensure everyone is included in the list and not just focus on the popular faction in the office.  Seeking staff input on what they’d wish to see/have in the party can help give you an idea of what to do.  One way to do this would be to conduct a survey through Google Forms or SurveyMonkey to see what everyone has to say. While you can’t include all their ideas on your plan, you should at least try to take care of them all.  Be sure to have persons with dietary issues, special requirements, and allergies in mind too. 

  1. Strategize and Book Early

Are you looking to hold the party outdoors, at a local park, or a restaurant? Whatever your ideal venue is, make arrangements early in advance to avoid last-minute rush and disappointments.  Many other offices and organizations might be planning for the same, one of the reasons most venues are usually fully booked 2 months to the D-date. Calling potential venues to see if there’s an open spot, and making bookings in advance is the first step to success.  You also don’t have to hold the party indoors; you could book a recreational park for an exciting and memorable party.

  1. Consider Off-Site Venues

Office parties held within the workplace aren’t as exciting as those held off-site. This is according to a study conducted on Australian workplaces and office parties.  Many employees will be thrilled if the party is kept away from their work environment, with most of them seeing it as a chance to unwind and get to know each other.

Going off-site helps relieve any tension and workplace-related stress, hence allows them to loosen up a bit. A change in scenery will help add more points to your planning abilities, and also make it possible for the staff to reset and recharge. This is particularly recommended for Easter, Christmas, and end of year parties.

  1. Provide Transport to The Venue

Transport can be an issue for many employees. Making transport arrangements for them, however, means most (if not all) of them will attend the party. In addition to this, some may want to leave early, while others might consider partying into the night. That said, providing a means of transport, or choosing a venue close to public transport or taxi option would be an excellent idea.  You could also choose a lively venue close to the office if transport seems to be an issue for the staff or budget.

  1. Choose Your Drinks Wisely

Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are quite popular in Christmas and End of year parties.  Many people are also known to drink their minds out during these parties.  While an open bar would be a great option for a party, you might want to limit the amount of alcohol the attendees drink.  Providing several options for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can help prevent a melt-down for some. You could also ask the wait staff to go slow on the refills as well.

  1. Have Fun

The most important thing is to have fun, whether your party has a theme or is a simple gathering tons of glowsticks will go down a treat.


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