What are the CBD Health Benefits in Treating Cancer?

Cancer is one of the deadliest forms of disease worldwide. It causes uncontrolled growth of certain cells in the body. This often causes the failure of vital bodily organs. Many of the cancer patients experience the growth of tumors. Words are barely enough to describe the trauma and suffering that the cancer patients go through. The World Health Organization (WHO) found out that in 2018, around 9.6 million people have died of cancer globally. 

With the advent of modern science, more and more effective cancer treatments are evolving. Chemotherapy is the most widely used treatment procedure for cancer. But this procedure comes with a lot of side effects. Many of the researchers believe that CBD oil can be highly beneficial in this aspect. CBD oil functions well to reduce and ease the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Well, it’s not a challenge anymore to find the right CBD oil products. You can check out for CBD oil and related medicinal products.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is derived from the hemp which is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant. You don’t need to get alarmed at the fact that it comes from the cannabis plant. Because CBD oil doesn’t produce the intoxicated “High” effect or any other psychedelic reactions. Such intoxicated reactions are caused only by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is another separate compound also derived from the cannabis plant. CBD oil is widely known as a medicinal remedy for many diseases.

CBD oil in cancer treatment:

Pain relief:

Cancer patients suffer a lot from the excruciating pain due to chemotherapy or cancer itself. CBD oil is known to work a miracle with pain alleviation after therapy. It affects the brain’s CB2 receptors and gives relief from pain. It reduces inflammation.


A good number of patients feel nausea and vomiting sensation after chemotherapy sessions. CBD oil reduces this vomiting sensation to a great extent.

Loss of appetite:

One of the worst hardships that cancer patients go through is the loss of appetite. This problem causes patients to lose health and nutrition. They rapidly lose weight and grow weaker day by day. CBD oil, together with regulated THC helps patients to regain appetite.

Relaxation from anxiety:

Cancer patients go through a fair amount of anxiety and stress-related problems. CBD may change the way brain cells respond to chemicals linked with mental health. It helps the patient overcome anxiety. The disease itself is frightening. Cancer patients need to be strong mentally, and free from any anxiety or stress. Otherwise, they’ll lose the battle against cancer. Though the impact of CBD on anxiety management is still in its early phase, the few numbers of studies regarding this bore positive results.

Cancer Treatment:

Cancer causes uncontrolled growth of cells in parts of the body affected by cancer. A cell is always supposed to get destroyed after a certain period as per the natural process. This is known as the apoptotic process. But cancer hinders this process in the affected body part. In some cases, CBD was found to re-trigger this apoptotic process and reduce cancer growth. This research is still in its early days.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) already acknowledges the benefits of CBD combined with other treatments in countering the side effects of cancer. CBD has this anti-inflammatory feature which comes as a significant help in treating cancer patients. But NCI is yet to recommend CBD as the sole medicine of cancer treatment.

Slowing tumor growth:

A large number of cancer patients see cancerous tumor growth in their bodies. Studies have found CBD to reduce the division of tumor cells. This way the growth of cancerous tumors is checked.

Increasing the survival rate:

Cancer treatments are painful and bring a lot of side effects. This weakens the morale of patients who already go through a lot of pain and trauma during the treatments. CBD reduces some of the worst after-effects of chemotherapy. It also makes the treatment more effective. So, it gives the patients more strength to overcome cancer, and their survival rate increases.

CBD Usage:

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant in the form of powder or oil. Later this is given in the mouth as spray or drops. It should be noted that the CBD is not a single cure for cancer treatment. It is more like a supplement used along with traditional medicines. As CBD is not marketed as medicine it doesn’t go under the jurisdiction of FDA. So patients should be careful in choosing the right CBD where all the components are present at the optimum level. Moreover, CBD has to be used in consultation with the doctors. The doctor can administer the right dosage for ensuring effective treatment and preventing unwanted side effects.

Legal issues:

The use of cannabis is not legal in all US states. It varies from state to state. Some states allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes while some other states allow this particular component CBD only. Still, there are provisions to use this with doctor’s approval and prescriptions.

Cancer is the single most deadly disease that has tormented patients around the world. A constant search for complementary treatments and supplements is always present. With all these benefits discussed above CBD can be used as a supplement for achieving greater results.


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