Bright Vachirawit Drops MV for New Single ‘Because We Are Together’

Rising Thai actor Bright Vachiwarit released the music video of his new single called “OK, I thought it myself, right?” as part of “Because We Are Together” OST under GMMTV Records. The track is the closing song of his trending BL series with Win Metawin, “2gether the Series.”

The romantic ballad kind of reflects Tine’s (Win Metawin’s character in the series) perspective as he’s questioning his partner’s love and the existence of a third party. This is evident to some lines in the song like “Tell me one word, I’m ready to understand, just say that you never love each other.”

Check out the music video for “Because We Are Together” below which currently amassed half-a-million views as of this posting:

With the popularity of “2gether the Series” in the Philippines, did you know that 6 of Scrubb’s songs made it to the Philippines Viral 50 list on Spotify? Scrubb is the favorite band of Tine in the series and the group appeared in several episodes including in last night’s finale where they performed after Sarawat’s group Ctrl S was declared winner in the the university’s battle of bands.

Meanwhile, the music video for “Kan Goo” which is performed by Bright Vachiwarit and featuring Win Metawin has surpassed 18 million views on YouTube!

Check it out:

And here’s the music video for “Next to You” which is the official theme song of “2gether the Series”

And if you miss Bright already, watch him as he plays the love interest in PAAM’s music video below:

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