7 Tips to Write a Great K-Pop Fanfiction

If you’re a true K-Pop fan, you must have read some of the greatest K-Pop fanfiction stories. These stories are written by ordinary people, just as yourself, who are real K-Pop fans. The stories portray K-Pop idols from different spheres of the entertainment industry and can be truly entertaining and fun to read.

But, what happens if you want to write fanfiction but aren’t sure how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This article provides 7 brilliant tips on how to write K-Pop fan fiction, so just keep reading.

Let’s take a closer look at each step in the process.

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1.      Choose the Protagonist

The most important part of writing fan fiction is choosing who the main protagonist is going to be. Naturally, you’ll want to choose an idol you know a lot about and you are a huge fan of them or their K-Pop group.

When choosing a protagonist, you should consider:

  • their current popularity
  • their personality
  • their background
  • available information about them
  • their fan base and army

The more popular the idol you choose, the bigger the chances your story is going to be a success.

2.      Brainstorm Ideas

Once you decide who the main character of your fan fiction story is going to be, you should think about ideas for a story.

The best way to do it to have a brainstorm session:

  • open your laptop or take a pen and paper
  • start thinking of ideas for the story
  • write down everything, regardless of how silly it may look
  • let it rest

Once you go back to your list, after a couple of hours or even days, the best idea will come to your attention. Pick it up from your list and use it as a starting point for your fan fiction story.

The best K-Pop fan fiction stories have elements such as:

  • the romance between two idols or the idol and an ordinary person
  • the mystery that needs to be solved
  • show business world
  • idols living everyday lives

You can use these elements, and many more, to make the best fan fiction story.

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3.      Outline the Plot

Now it’s time for the real deal.

The plot is one of the most important elements of your K-Pop fan fiction story.

The plot should be filled with different elements such as:

  • rising tension
  • a twist or an unexpected event
  • the main plotline and the back story
  • different characters
  • climax
  • resolution

Write the outline of your story using bullet points, notes, and short descriptions. Then, rearrange the elements until you get the desired result.

Once you organize and arrange your ideas, you can move on to a more detailed approach and add elements to each separate part of the story.

4.      Add Dialogue

Just like K-Pop, K-Pop fan fiction should be uplifting, entertaining, and boost people’s imagination. This means that your story should also be upbeat and easy to read.

You can achieve this effect by using dialogues.

Dialogues help make your story:

  • easy to read
  • easy to comprehend
  • more fun
  • more realistic
  • more entertaining

Make sure that you proofread your dialogues, and follow the grammar rules to make it flawless. In case you need help, check out these top writing services.

Great dialogues will bring the characters to life and make sure all the readers enjoy your K-Pop fan fiction.

5.      Write in One Go

Writing is a creative process that should be performed with no constrains. You need to let go of any barriers and use your creativity to write the story as you want to.

The best way to do this, especially if you’re a beginner, is to write in a single go.

Don’t plan too much, and don’t overthink each word that you write. Just let the ideas pour from your mind onto the paper, without thinking about:

  • other people’s opinions
  • whether you could write it better
  • whether you know what you’re doing

Try boosting your self-esteem and follow your instincts and love for K-Pop. That’s all you need for great fanfiction.

6.      Edit & Proofread

Once you finish writing, it’s time to let your story rest for a couple of days. Let your mind cool down and try not to think about it.

Then, after a couple of days, go back to your story. Read it and start editing:

  • the structure
  • the vocabulary
  • ideas
  • organization

You can add something new or remove the parts you don’t like. This process will last until you’re completely happy with the result.

7.      Share Your Work

The hardest part for many of us is to publish our work. We’re afraid of being judged or misunderstood.

But, try taking baby steps:

  • give your best friend to read it
  • give it to family members
  • share it with close friends who are K-Pop fans

If this goes good, and we’re sure it will, you can share it with the general public.

Before you do it, make sure that you proofread everything and polish it completely. This best writing websites page will help you get professional assistance.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, writing great K-Pop fan fiction is not as hard as it may seem. All you need is your imagination, combined with the love for K-Pop.

Use the advice given above and start writing fantastic K-Pop fan fiction today.

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