Bright and Win on the Cover of Praew, Kazz, and Posh Magazines

Thai actors Bright Vachiwarit and Win Metawin are on fire!

If you’ve been in quarantine under a rock, then you don’t know about this fever called “BrightWin” that came from Thailand and has been infecting people across Asia and around the world. Thousands of Filipinos have been tested positive of this “flu” that’s why anything about these two heartthrobs are trending in the Philippines every week. Check your Twitter every Friday and as early as 7:00 in the morning you can see that an unreadable term is one of the trending topics (hitting no. 1 several times). It’s because Bright and Win’s weekly program “2gether the Series” airs every Friday in Thailand and GMMTV, the producer of the said BL series, is uploading the episodes with English subtitles on YouTube right after the original broadcast.

As proof of Bright and Win’s rising popularity are magazine cover features that they’ve been landing on week after week. The latest of which are Kazz, Praew, and Posh. And because pictures are worth thousands of words, here are the tandem’s magazine pictorials that have been circulating on social media this summer:

#BrightWin – Kazz Magazine

#BrightWin – Posh Magazine

#BrightWin – Praew Magazine

#BrightWin – Elle Magazine

You can also check out Bright and Win’s feature in Harper’s Bazaar Bangkok. And in one of their live streams, they greeted their Filipino fans.

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