SB19 Climbs to No. 5 of Billboard Social 50 Chart #SB19BBSocialTop5

Photo: Instagram (@officialsb19)

SB19, the first Filipino idol group trained under a Korean entertainment company, climbed to no. 5 of Billboard Social 50 chart this week. It’s two notches up from their last peak at 7th place which the group has reached last month. For this ranking, SB19 bested K-pop groups such as EXO (#6), TXT (#7), NCT DREAM (#8) and ATEEZ (#9). Meanwhile, Italian Opera singer Andrea Bocelli debuted in the chart at no. 3 while Indonesian artist Fiersa Besari climbed to no. 10. It’s interesting to note that not a single American artist made it to the Top 10 this week. Does this mean the end of American domination in the global music industry?

Check out this week’s top 10 on Billboard Social 50 chart:

  1. BTS (175th week at no. 1)
  2. GOT7
  3. AndreaBocelli (debut)
  4. NCT 127
  5. SB19
  6. EXO
  9. ATEEZ
  10. Fiersa Besari (Indonesian artist)

Meanwhile, SB19 is still leading in our poll for BEST BOY GROUP IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. As of 12:30 today, April 22, the Filipino quintet garnered 179,711 votes followed by Thailand’s TRINITY which now has 143,111 votes. Vietnam’s D1Verse snatched the bronze position from Indonesia’s UN1TY with 14,119 votes as of this posting. The Indonesian boy group is now at no. 4 with 12,245 votes.

This poll ends on April 29, 2020 at 12:00 noon. You can vote everyday in our voting page for Best Boy Group in Southeast Asia. On the other hand, you can also vote for the Best Girl Group in Southeast Asia.

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