Top Video and Mobile Games that K-Pop Idols Play

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Today’s age of digital allows many people to have access to different entertainment platforms like photo, video, and games, one of which include K-pop music and videos. K-pop music and idols have become an on-going trend for years now, and many K-pop fans today would do anything just to see, hear, or feel as close to each of their idols.

We often see our K-pop idols always so glammed up when appearing on TV guestings and music videos. But once all curtains roll down, they also live a life like how normal people do. While living such life and being busy as a bee with song recordings, dance rehearsals, and live performances, these idols still believe there’s always time for rest and entertainment. Moreso, a time for gaming. Some K-pop idols even find the time to look for video game merch like caps for gamers, clothing items, tumblers, and many more.

Surprised? If you still did not know, almost every K-pop idol we all know today are playing video games, and here’s a list of all the top video and mobile games most of your idols play to date:

Adorable Home

This is one of the most popular and in-demand mobile games today. Adorable home is described as a passive and relaxing game where you get to pick a partner and take care of as many cats as you’d like. You can come back and check-in with the game after a few hours to see something new, gather some love (which serves as your money), and keep on purchasing items to furnish your home.

League Of Legends

League of Legends is a team-based strategy game composed of two teams of five fighting and facing off each other, with the goal of destroying the opponent’s base. In a League of Legends celebrity interview, Heechul from Super Junior admitted that he plays the game, and is indeed addicted to it.

Heechul at League of Legends anniversary event. Photo courtesy of

The K-pop idol revealed that he stays up all night to play the game while working on his career. On top of that, Heechul also has a YouTube channel named “HEEtube” where he uploads videos of himself playing League of Legends. Talk about passion!


Overwatch is yet again another online team-based game. This one plays several different game modes and features originally designed around two opposing squads with six members each per team, combatting one another. BTS stars like their vocalist, Jin, admitted to be playing the said game along with his band members.

BTS members playing a video game. Photo courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment.


Fortnite Battle Royale is a player vs. player type of game. It consists of a maximum of 100 players. Basically, it’s you against 99 other players from different parts of the world. This game is often known as “the last man standing” game. Eliminating all 99 players will then pronounce you as the winner.

Every K-pop fan should know by now that Miyawaki Sakura, under IZ*ONE and HKT48, loves to play Fortine Battle Royale. She also has her own YouTube channel solely dedicated to gaming, where she also features games like Splatoon, Marvel’s Spiderman, Undertale, and Apex Legends.

Iz*One’s Miyawaki Sakura playing Fortnite. Photo credit:

Wrapping Up

So you see, all of your K-pop idols also live pretty much the same way as you do. They entertain themselves the same way as how many people entertain themselves. Some of these K-pop idols even started with a Gameboy and a Tamagotchi device or game. Today, they have channels of their own where they can share more about the ins and outs of their favorite video games. Which K-pop idols do you think also play the above-mentioned video games today?

About the Author: Jeffrey is a digital nomad and a freelance writer residing on an island in Asia. During his younger years, he had his fair share of online video game experiences. Since then, he’s been very passionate about creating content addressed for online gaming communities all over the world.

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