WATCH: Kim Taehyung Photobombs Jungkook’s Individual Pictorial

Here’s another good vibes video from our beloved BTS featuring the group’s regular prankster Kim Taehyung (who’s just been voted by netizens around the world as the Ultimate Asian Heartthrob of 2020).

Here’s the sitch: During Jungkook‘s individual pictorial, the mischievously cute Kim Taehyung photobombed some shots without the former knowing what’s happening behind his back.

But when the photographer showed the results of some snaps to Jungkook, the BTS center was genuinely surprised. He giggled on how clueless he was.

When it was J-Hope‘s turn for the individual shoot, Jungkook now becomes the photobomber!

Watch the full video here:

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