What is Marula Oil?

What is Marula Oil? 

The Marula tree is found in Southern Africa, and both the fruits and other parts of the tree are useful in the extraction of oil and for making medicine. Marula Oil has many health benefits and can be used for cooking and in beauty products. It is a common base note in many perfumes because of its rich, fruity, floral, and nutty scent. Again, Marula oil is rich in protein. The skin can easily absorb it hence its effectiveness in maintaining youthful and supple skin. Medicine made using the oil or other parts of the Marula tree are remedies of various health conditions. Major properties of the oil that make it effective in enhancing beauty and health include its powerful antioxidant property, moisturizing capability, as well as anti-aging properties. To understand the Marula oil, we will discuss some of the benefits, the uses, and safety precautions you should take when using it.


Benefits of Marula oil 

  1. Skincare

Marula oil is beneficial as it helps to prevent signs of early aging. It does so by boosting skin regeneration and repair processes. Through its ability to prevent the skin from losing its elasticity, it helps to prevent skin dullness, dryness, and fine lines, as well as wrinkles hence preventing premature aging. Marula oil also fights acne and prevents the formation of scars as it effectively treats wounds without leaving scars. That is why it is an important ingredient in many beauty products. Marula oil also helps to reverse the skin damage by environmental conditions including the sun and other pollutants. 

  1. Treatment of various skin conditions

Research shows that Marula oil is effective in treating hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and Eczema. People suffering from acne and psoriasis also use oil, and it is an effective cure. The hydrating and moisturizing properties make Marula oil effective treatment for these skin conditions. It is also suitable for all skin types. Marula oil is rich in Oleic acid which promotes smooth skin. Its ability to penetrate the skin fast helps to prevent clogging which is the main cause of acne. Many people using Marula oil claim that it is fast-absorbing, and promotes collagen production hence one of the best beauty oils especially, for moisturizing the face. 

  1. Promotes healthy hair, nails, and lips

The oil is antimicrobial, hydrating, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an antioxidant and has fatty acids. All these properties are good for nourishing hair and preventing hair breakage. The antimicrobial property makes it possible to maintain a healthy scalp and also enhances cell regeneration thereby promoting healthy and fast hair growth. For people experiencing chapped lips and various problems with nails including brittle nails, they may apply Marula oil as it nourishes the nails and lips. 

Commercial uses of Marula oil 

Most manufacturers of beauty products use Marula oil as it is rich in fatty acids and is an excellent antioxidant. You will find Marula oil in most of the effective shampoos. At home, you may use it as a hair treatment. It strengthens the hair, nourishes the scalp, and helps prevent dandruff. It is also added to hair conditioners as it is effective in relieving dryness and preventing split ends. Marula oil is also very good in enhancing nail growth and softens nail bed and when rubbed on the nail bed, it is effective in promoting long and strong nails. It is one of the effective remedies for brittle nails. Marula oil is also used in making face moisturizers and body lotion. Alternatively, some people apply it on the elbows, heels, and knees for flawless and beautiful skin. 

Other uses of Marula oil and safety precautions. 

Marula oil has many uses including cooking, making beauty products, and can cure various health conditions. But before using it, you should review the safety precautions. Some of the side effects of using Marula oil include skin inflammation, stomach upset, and lowering blood pressure. It is good to test the Marula oil in small bits first before using it for cooking or on your skin. Some people may also develop allergies especially, those with a history of nut allergy. One should avoid using Marula oil around the eyes as it can cause redness and irritation around the eyes. Instead, test the oil on a skin patch for a few days first before using it 

Marula oil has many health benefits. One should follow instructions on usage. In case of any side effects, it is important to seek medical attention. Remember to also follow the right quantities as per instructions on the product.



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