5 Trends Every Blogger Can Actually Borrow from K-Pop Stars’ Instagram

As a blogger, you’re always looking for new ways to get inspired, learn about your business, and improve your online presence. Turning to different sources for inspiration is crucial. So don’t be surprised when you hear there are so many trends you can borrow from K-Pop stars.

K-Pop idols are killing the Instagram game. They have millions of followers and millions of likes for each post that they publish on Instagram. Together, we’ll analyze some of their Instagram profiles and learn a lesson from each one of them.

Let’s take a closer look.

1.  Go For Simplicity

Cha Eun-woo is a member of the boy group Astro, a model, singer,  actor, and a heartthrob. He’s got more than 6 million Instagram followers and here’s what we can learn from him.


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If you take a look at his profile, you’ll notice everything aims for simplicity:

  • most post captions are a single emoji
  • some images don’t even have a caption
  • he focuses on the visuals

Instead of writing long descriptions no one will read, he makes sure you pay attention to the image. With this approach, he manages to have over 1 million likes per post.

Bloggers should also make the most use out of visuals to get people to stop scrolling and check their profile out.

2.  Address Your Followers

It’s important that your followers know you appreciate their loyalty. Jennie Kim, known simply as Jennie, is a member of the K-Pop group Blackpink, and a star who knows how important this is.

She uses her social media to:

  • address her followers
  • thank them
  • praise them

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3.  Be Consistent

Your social media is the reflection of your personality and your brand. You have to show consistency, in order to be relatable and close to your audience.

Kim Chung-Ha aka Chungha, the South Korean dancer, choreographer, singer, and songwriter can teach you a lesson about this.

source: Instagram

Here’s what her profile is like:

  • bright-colored
  • white is prevalent
  • a lot of portrait images

“Consistency is key to building trusting relationships with your followers. They need to know who you are and they don’t want to see you make a change every day,” says Mila Pearson, a social media expert and writer at Subjecto.

4. Show Your Personality

Your online followers don’t just want to look at beautifully staged images that show you’re perfect.

On the contrary, they want to see the real you from time to time. This means that you need to share images that are:

  • spontaneous
  • personal
  • upstaged
  • self-made
  • funny
  • down-to earth

Jackson Wang, a member of the South Korean boy group Got7 loves to share both types of images. He knows his audience likes to see him all dressed up, wearing fancy suits and advertising famous brands.

But, he posts images that show just how simple, funny, quirky, or and normal he is. Just like the rest of us.

5.  Share Personal Stories

Finally, there’s one last trend that we’d like you to pay attention to, and use to promote your blog and yourself.

Many K-Pop stars, including Baekhyun, from the boy group Exo, realize that their followers like seeing little details of their everyday lives. That includes:

  • their family members
  • their pets
  • their home interiors
  • their favorite coffee shops
  • their hobbies
  • their guilty pleasures

Sharing such a personal glimpse into your little world will make your followers feel more attached to you. They’ll further develop the emotional bond towards you and that’s crucial for you and for having a strong social media presence.


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Final Thoughts

As you can see, K-Pop stars can teach you a lot about popular Instagram trends. Analyzing their profiles will allow you to improve your social media presence and get more followers.

Use the advice given above and start working on a killer social media strategy, inspired by the most popular K-Pop stars.

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