100 Asian Heartthrobs 2020 – Rank 41st to 50th

Here are the celebrities who made it to rank 41st to 50th of 100 Asian Heartthrobs 2020:

No. 41 – Vernon Chwe, SOUTH KOREA/USA

Also known Hanso Vernon Chwe, this 22-year-old half American half Korean is the main rapper of the boy group SEVENTEEN.

No. 42 – Yeonjun, SOUTH KOREA

21-year-old Choi Yeonjun is the main rapper and main dancer of the boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER, the younger brother group of BTS.

No. 43 – Wonwoo, SOUTH KOREA

24-year-old Jeon Wonwoo is the lead rapper of the boy group SEVENTEEN.

No. 44 – Sejun, PHILIPPINES

Also known as John Paulo Nase, the 26-year-old leader, lead vocalist, and main rapper of the Filipino Idol group SB19.

No. 45 – Mavin Saputra, INDONESIA

Also known as Malvin Saputra, the 24-year-old is the leader, lead dancer, and vocalist of the multinational boy group Z-boys.

No. 46 – Stell Ajero, PHILIPPINES

25-year-old Stell is the lead vocalist of the Filipino Idol group SB19.

No. 47 – Joshuel Bautista, PHILIPPINES

23-year-old Josh is the main Dancer and mead vocalist of the multinational group Z-Boys.

No. 48 – Tao, THAILAND

Also known as Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor, the 29-year-old actor is known for the lakorn series “Mr. Merman” and “2 Brothers.”

No. 49 – Roy Nguyen, VIETNAM

Also known as Nguyễn Hải Hoài Bảo, the 24-year-old is the main vocalist of the multinational idol group Z-boys.

No. 50 – Krystian Wang, CHINA

Krystian is the Chinese member of the group Now United, which is an international coed group composed of members from around the world.

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