What Makes a Puppy Food the Best for My Pet?

No other pet has endeared itself to man as dogs have. Because of this, dogs have earned the unofficial, but appropriate title, as man’s best friend. Some dog owners even treat their pets like members of the family. And as members of the family, pet owners want only the best for their puppies. 

Choosing the best food for your puppy can be quite tricky, as many pet food suppliers claim their products as the best. What, then is your criteria to choose the best food for your pup? 

No pet food brand can claim to be the best puppy food because different puppy breeds have different food requirements based on their size and metabolic needs. It’s a good thing nowadays that the puppy food industry, My Sweet Puppy included, produces puppy food for breeds of all sizes. You don’t have to guess the proper diet for your darling puppy. You can find various kinds of puppy food online, depending on the breed and size of your puppy. You may also choose a pet specialty store where you can find your puppy’s next meal. 

Puppies of small breed dogs have different nutritional requirements from the big breeds. Small breed puppies are usually very energetic and so require more calories in their food to supply the needed amounts for energy. These little pups also tend to process their food more quickly than the bigger breeds, so you need to feed them as often as they need to be, around three or four times a day. Medium breed puppies are not as difficult to feed as compared to their small or big counterparts. They need an adequate amount of protein and fat for proper growth. Big breed puppies, on the other hand, require energy-dense formulated puppy food for steady growth. Large breed pups tend to have longer lives than the small breed ones, so investing in healthy food for your puppy will surely go a long way.

Another way to choose the best puppy food for your pet is to read the food label. Check if the needed nutrients for a puppy indicated adequately in the food packaging for reference. Not only can you check the ingredients for possible allergens that your puppy might encounter while eating. The label shows not only the ingredients of the pet food but also the nutritional values in it.      

The price tag of your puppy food says a lot, whether it is suitable for your pet or not. More often than not, the higher-priced puppy food has better quality ingredients than those cheaper ones. You may wonder how the same weight of dog food can vary so much in price. The cheaper kibble usually contains mostly corn or wheat, which dogs also need but do not have enough vitamins and minerals that pups need to grow healthy. 

Puppies provide loads of fun and comfort, so there is no denying them of the best nourishment you can give. No two pups are equal, but ensuring that the food you choose should have the best balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates that a puppy needs to grow healthy and active.                                                             


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