NCT 127 Releases MV for ‘Kick It’ and Individual Posters

NCT 127 makes a comeback by dropping the music video for their new single “Kick It,” a track for their upcoming 2nd album called “Neo Zone” which is scheduled for release on March 6 by SM Entertainment.

Just like BTS, NCT 127 has a huge American fan base that’s why they are gearing up for “Neo City – The Awards,” their second world tour which is slated to kick-off at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on June 5.

The music video for “Kick It” was released at 12:00midnight KST on Wednesday, March 4, the very same time Big Hit Entertainment released the official music video for BTS’ “Black Swan.”

Both NCT 127 and BTS are ruling worldwide trending topics as of this posting.

Watch the Bruce Lee-inspired music video for “Kick It” below:

Check out the promotional photos for “Neo Zone” below:

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  1. Alwaysmoon // April 15, 2020 at 9:40 pm //

    Goo nct, nct the best!

  2. Nct is the beast

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