Missing Jackpot Prize Prompts It’s Showtime Management to Award ‘Negosyo Package’ to Non-Winning Contestant

During the “Piling Lucky” segment on “It’s Showtime” last February 27, the remaining contestant named Ginalyn proceed to the jackpot round and was asked to choose one lucky item from the 24 art frames. The 24 paintings have a hidden prize at back, two are jackpots: one is P550,000 and the other is Negosyo Package. When hosts Vice Ganda, Teddy and Jugs revealed the prize from the art frame that Ginalyn chose, it was “5 Kilong Bigas.”

As a drill, the host should reveal where the two jackpot prizes are located. They unleashed the P550,000 but were not able to find the “Negosyo Package” even after opening all the art frames on stage.

“Mamaya po ay ipapaliwanag nila sa inyo, sa ngayon po ay magpo-pause muna tayo. Anong gagawin natin? So magkikita-kita na lang tayo sa Kongreso ganun?” Vice Ganda joked.

Before the show ended, Director Bobet Vidanes announced that they will award the “Negosyo Package” jackpot to Ginalyn and apologized to the public for the error.

Watch the “Piling Lucky” segment from the trending episode at 2:02:02.

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