100 Asian Heartthrobs 2020: Lai Guanlin, Kim Taehyung, and BamBam Advance to Next Level of Battle Round

BamBam, Kim Taehyung, and Lai Guanlin advanced to the next level of battle round and one step closer to winning the title “Ultimate Asian Heartthrob of 2020.”

In bout 7, BamBam of Thailand garnered 9,505 votes or 80.78% beating Mark Lee of South Korea/Canada who got 2,262 or 19.22% Bambam also got 7,778 social media votes.

In bout 8, Lai Guanlin of Taiwan garnered 29,309 votes or 52.24% beating Kim Yohan of South Korea who got 26,797 votes or 47.76% Lai Guanlin also got 6,822 social media votes.

In bout 9, Kim Taehyung of South Korea garnered 34,864 votes or 75.37% beating Ken Suson of the Philippines who got 11,394 votes or 24.63% Kim Taehyung also got 25,458 social media votes.

BamBam, Kim Taehyung, and Lai Guanlin will advance to level 2 of the battle round and will face a new opponent starting February 15, 2020.

50 Comments on 100 Asian Heartthrobs 2020: Lai Guanlin, Kim Taehyung, and BamBam Advance to Next Level of Battle Round

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