5 Athleisure Companies to Keep Your Eye on in 2020

If you’re like many of us who have renewed their commitment to exercise at the turn of 2020, we have good news. To most people who have fallen off the wagon, “cardio” sounds more like a cuss word and time at the gym can feel like a self-initiated form of mild torture—but there’s a silver lining!

Aside from all the health benefits, regular exercise delivers, getting our fitness on gives us the opportunity to up our athleisure game by stocking up on stylish athletic wear! Let’s be real, if we’re going to work out, we want it to be known. That’s why we’ll flaunt around town in our flashy Fitbit, designer leggings, and wow-worthy footwear—even on the days we didn’t make it into the gym.

Hopefully, exercise comes naturally to you; if it does, you’re one of the lucky ones! But if you feel like your fitness resolution comes with a little bit of impending doom, you can offset that misery with these innovative athletic companies. Dragging yourself up and out the door will be less of a chore if you look good doing so!

  1. Vuori

We’re absolutely obsessed with the innovative company, Vuori, based out of Encinitas, CA. They went on a mission to create comfort apparel that performs exceptionally well but does not sacrifice style. Their activewear doesn’t look like activewear at all—it looks like fresh, modern, street-ready apparel that also happens to be as soft as yoga pants and silky as gym shorts.

They offer men’s boardshorts made with premium fabric that can be worn both in and out of water thanks to features like mesh pockets and anti-stink technology. Women can browse stylish shirts that do such a great job at wicking away moisture, you can head straight to the bar without anyone noticing you even broke a sweat.

  1. Korsa

Made by the legendary Roadrunner Sports footwear giant, Korsa is the most advanced line of apparel the company has ever created. It’s guided by the belief that athletes who work hard, train hard, and play hard deserve performance apparel that can keep up.

Running is one of the best ways to lose weight, but it can be especially hard on our bodies as we dial up the intensity and pound the pavement out on the streets, causing our internal temperature to fluctuate through a range of extremes. But Korsa offers women’s performance hoodies and active jackets that help regulate temperature with their next-level, fast-drying KORdri fabric. Not to mention, their designs are super stylish and sure to be loved by ladies universally.

  1. Lululemon

Lululemon has been a big name in the activewear scene for quite some time now, but we’re putting them on your 2020 watchlist for one impressive reason: they now offer pants for men that double as office slacks and gym attire!

These are perfect for the busy worker bee who’s too busy to squeeze in some exercise. Designed for the office travel commute, now you can get around in fabric that moves with you for all-day comfort. Boasting a classic fit and inspired by the timeless design of 5-pocket jeans, these pants crossover seamlessly between work mode and comfort mode.

  1. Fabletics

Energize your exercise with Fabletics, a monthly subscription service that allows you to pick out a fresh workout ensemble sent straight to your door every month—at a fraction of the cost. VIP members get 70% off their first purchase and are billed $49.95 each month with the option to skip or cancel at any time. The monthly payment is credited toward any athleisure outfit of your choice, all of which are significantly reduced from their retail value!

  1. Hylete

Last but not least, we end our list of the top five activewear company, Hylete, because the innovation they bring beyond the products they sell. This is a company invested in the community they serve with generous discounts for their customers, a charity support program, as well as a blog that offers health and fitness tips from experts in the industry. You can find all sorts of men and women’s athletic apparel, but we love the construction of their stylish, high-performance backpacks above all else.

Take to these five retailers and commit to be fit with non-stop style, mile after mile!

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