Want To Meet A Celebrity? Top 5 Places To Go

Lots of people day-dream about meeting someone famous at least once in their life. They read celebrity magazines and watch reality TV shows just to catch a glimpse of the fabulous lives of actors and performing artists. At times, if they are really lucky, they get to see them in real life. If you count among these people who would do just about anything to meet a celeb, you probably know what we are talking about. But what if we would tell you that there are things you can do to boost your chances of meeting your favorite famous person in the world?

Here are a few of the most efficient tricks you could try to bump into a celeb no matter if you are in Vegas, Melbourne or London.

1.  Keep An Eye On Those Tabloids

Be it online or offline, check out those gossip magazines as often as you have the chance. Good paparazzi never sleep, so you should see lots of photos of your favorite celebs shopping, taking out the trash, going to the movies or walking around. Take a look at the backgrounds and try to figure out which locations they are in, be it a hotel or a coffee shop. Those might just be their favorite hangout places in town, and the next time they visit, you could go there and hope to see them walking in or out.

To make things easier, remember to set up Google alerts for the celebs you are interested in so you can receive instant notifications whenever there is a new post on them on a blog you follow. These alerts should also inform you about their location in relation to any updates made by fans or fresh paparazzi photos. There are even special blogs dedicated to the whereabouts of famous people, so check out if your celeb is on one of them.

2.  Follow Their Social Media Accounts

Most celebs are pretty active on social media and they post photos, tweets and stories on their feed on a regular basis so make sure to follow them. You could learn a series of precious details on their daily schedule in terms of going to the gym, eating out or having coffee on the go. Go to these places at the times you notice they tend to go most often and wait for them to show up. The chances for this to happen are not as slim as you might imagine.

3.  Know What Events They Will Be Attending

Read the latest celebrity news online and find out if there are any movie premiers or product launches they have been invited to. They may be asked to make a speech during a fundraiser event for a popular charity in town so keep an eye on your local paper. Another popular event for celebrities are the famous Monte Carlo Fundraisers (casino nights). These are as popular in the US as in Australia and always attract local celebrities but you may want to read up on the etiquette code before attending (read more: “survival guide to Monte Carlo Fundraiser”).

Other charity events will reward guests who have made a donation with the chance to have dinner with a famous celebrity. Lots of stars show their support for various charities around the world, and some of them have even turned into ambassadors for these organizations. Selena Gomez is Unicef’s ambassador, while Kids Helping Children carnivals bring together celebs like Joey King or Shane Harper. Beloved Australian actress Nicole Kidman is also a Unicef ambassador, as well as a supporter for the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Breast Cancer Care. She also happens to be a good gambler, as she describes herself and she is a frequent Las Vegas visitor where she wins more than she loses.

Travel To LA, NYC, London Or Sydney

Most famous people, movie stars, famous vloggers or singers live there. Who knows, you could bump into Portia De Rossi or Pink visiting Sydney on your next vacation there, or come across Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande in Los Angeles. Las Vegas could also be a good place where you could meet a few famous people who also happen to be passionate about gambling. Joining a “Vegas Strip Tour” or “Sydney Celebrity Cruise” will almost certainly guarantee you will catch sight of at least one celebrity and travelling by limo may make you feel like a celeb yourself!

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