How is the Weather in Halong Bay?

How is the weather in Halong Bay?

Any doubt about the weather in Halong Bay? We explain, month by month, the rains and temperatures that you are likely to find. There is no better way to guarantee Halong Bay cruises than to be well informed! Let’s find out the most beautiful weather in Halong Bay as well as the best time to enjoy a Halong Bay cruise.

Vietnam weather overview

In Vietnam, two climates differ:

  • Dry climate, with practically non-existent rains, and with mild temperatures. You will find this weather from December to April.
  • Humid climate with hotter temperatures. You will find this weather from May to November.

The weather is generally pleasant throughout the year. It is unlikely to be cold unless you visit the most mountainous areas.

The weather in Halong Bay

December to February


The period from December to February are the coldest months of the year. Despite this, the temperature in Halong Bay is pleasant. In Vietnam’s winter, temperatures are pretty cool and only cold in the most mountainous areas. The average temperature in Halong Bay is 17ºC during these months.


The rains from December to February are unlikely. In fact, they are the least rainy months of the whole year. In December in Halong Bay the rainfall is 20mm, in January 18mm and in February 39mm. They are very low figures, which indicate that you will almost certainly not find rain in your passage through Halong Bay between December and February.

March and April


The temperatures in March and April are mild. The average temperature in Halong Bay during these months is 21ºC.


March and April are the last months of the dry season, just before the monsoon begins. In Halong Bay the rains are 43mm (March) and 79mm (April). Therefore, unlikely rains, especially during the month of March. Rainy weather and warm temperatures in Halong Bay (?)

May and June


In May and June the hot season begins in Halong Bay, and in northern Vietnam in general. The average temperature in Halong Bay during these months is 27 ° C.


The rainy season in Halong Bay begins during May and June. Precipitation is especially present during the rainy month. In May the rains accumulate 194 mm and in June 280 mm.

July and August


July and August are the hottest months of the year. In Halong Bay, the maximum temperatures are 32ºC. The average in summer in Halong Bay is 29ºC.


During the summer months the probability of rain is high. July is the rainiest month of the year (481 mm) followed by August (454 mm). Most likely, during your time in Halong Bay’s summer you will see some rainy days. In the rainiest months, it should be taken into account that occasionally typhoons occur. They are isolated cases, but it can happen. In these cases, they are forced to close Halong Bay. The closure is executed by local authorities and ships cannot go sailing for safety. You choose to stay in hotels near Halong Bay to see if the next day they open the Bay and you can visit part of it.

September to November


The temperatures from September to November are pleasant. In Halong Bay the average temperature during these months is 23ºC.


The probability of rain during these months is variable: in September the monsoon (333 mm) is still very present while in October and November the rainfall drops dramatically, especially in November when it hardly rains.

Overall, the weather in Halong Bay is tropical rainy weather. It’s highly recommended to visit Halong Bay in dry season (December – April), when you can enjoy the pleasant weather and take an overnight Halong Bay Cruise to feel the tranquil beauty of the bay.

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