Are Dates Any Good for Dogs?

High-quality dog food is what you always try to give to your beloved dogs. This is so that they may reach their full potential. Just like us humans, some supplementary food is also beneficial to your dogs. Fruits and vegetables are known to be excellent sources of vitamins and minerals for your dogs. These fruits and vegetables are an excellent substitute for the fancy dog treats available on your pet market. 

It is essential to consider also that there are some foods your dog should not eat. Canines’ digestive system is incapable of digesting or processing some foods that we humans eat. Some human foods are harmful to your dogs’ health.

Dates are one food item that is often contested among dog owners. It is a palm fruit that is sweet and delicious in taste. But are you wondering if dogs can eat dates?

The answer is a big YES. Dates can be considered as cholesterol-free and a low-fat supplemental diet for your dog. They contain vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, B complex, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, zinc, protein, and dietary fibers. 

The confusion of dates’ substantial similarity to raisins originated this dilemma whether or not that it is safe for canine consumption. Raisins are dehydrated raw grapes, and grapes are not safe for dogs. Raisins can most likely result in kidney failure for the canine world. Well, dates are entirely not related to grapes because they are of a different genus of fruits. 

Dates belong to the family of palms and dehydrated only for preservation purposes. They are way bigger than raisins and are dark brown in color. Also, they have pits which raisins don’t have. A pit is a big hard seed inside the fruit of a date. It must be removed before eating the fruit. It cannot be chewed or digested.

Dates are a good substitute for your fancy and fatty dog treats. It should be fed sparingly to dogs. Just one or two dates at a time occasionally. Dates are also high in sugar, therefore not to be fed in batches. Too much dietary fibers can also cause digestive upset. Moderate feeding of dates for dogs is healthy for them. Enough dietary fibers for dogs’ digestive systems will ensure a healthy digestive tract for them. 

Dates will eliminate the onset of constipation or diarrhea on your beloved canines. Dietary fibers help the maintenance of good blood sugar levels in dogs. Such fibers regulate the absorption of glucose, thus resulting in controlled weight. Though dates have glucose, sucrose, and fructose in them, these natural sugars are enough for your dogs’ energy boost to have them as active and playful pets. The potassium content in dates is also known to regulate dogs’ blood pressure. 

Dates are, therefore, a healthy-hearty-treat for your dogs. As said earlier, dates are a healthy substitute to notoriously fatty and fancy dog treats because they can offer the same quantity of energy without the unnecessary and harmful side effects. Unnecessary fats can result in clogged arteries in dogs. Dates are also free from all sorts of allergens.

Dates are packed with vitamins and minerals despite being small in size. Vitamins and minerals boost the immune system. And yes again, dates are perfect for your dogs. 

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