New Darna Jane de Leon is Guest Editor for ABS-CBN Lifestyle’s Anniversary

ABS-CBN Lifestyle turns five and to celebrate this milestone, the celebrity lifestyle site hails a new guest editor in young actress soon to take on the revered Darna role—Jane De Leon.

Jane made headlines this year as the newbie who auditioned and won the role, previously portrayed by the likes of Vilma Santos, Marian Rivera, and Angel Locsin. Set to be the next big thing in local showbiz, Jane first writes and produces content for ABS-CBN Lifestyle as if to introduce herself and her interests right before ‘taking flight.’

From skincare, fashion, and fitness to family and relationships, she tells all on the celeb lifestyle hub.

“When it comes to shoes, I’m into sneakers. I was into crop tops but now I’m trying to change it to other casual pieces like polos and loose blouses,” she wrote, revealing she wasn’t into fashion before in her article “Dicovering My Sense of Style.” “Now, I’m trying to explore fashion. I’m looking for a style that fits me as an artist.”

This month, ABS-CBN Lifestyle also puts the spotlight on celebrities previously bullied only to become modern beacons of beauty—Xian Lim, Lou Yanong, Kakai Bautista, Aly Borromeo, and Cai Cortez. The site puts these stars in heartwarming articles and videos, as they narrated about their hurtful past and how they eventually drew strength from it to move forward and dream bigger.

Check out the exciting reads and videos with Jane, the newest ABSCBNLifestyleInspo. Catch more Inspiring Stellar Stories on ABS-CBN Lifestyle by logging on to and following the site through its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter @abscbnlifestyle.

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