‘Metamorphosis’ Gets an ‘X’ from the MTRCB

The Cinema One Originals 2019 entry “Metamorphosis” by Jose Enrique Tiglao initially got an “X” rating from the MTRCB due to its sexually explicit scenes.

The director took to Facebook his appeal on why the film should be screened during the film festival which started earlier today.

He wrote:

JUST IN: Our film 𝕞𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕞𝕠𝕣𝕡𝕙𝕠𝕤𝕚𝕤 was NOT approved by MTRCB for public viewing. Hindi R-16 or R-18 man lang. Sabi nila “not suitable for public exhibition” daw dahil sa ilang maseselang eksena.

The daring scenes aim to humanize the character who is an intersex. Intersex people are victims of stigma and misconceptions due to their unconventional anatomy. They were called “freaks” and “abnormal”.

Ang mga eksenang ito ay hindi lamang purong kalibugan. Ito ay pagpapakita ng kanilang pagkatao, ng kanilang sexual desires, ng kanilang pagkalito at pagkabigo– mga bagay na pinagdadaanan nating LAHAT, intersex man o hindi.

Ang mga eksenang ito ay paghahayag na sila din ay mga TAO. Na walang mali sa kanila. Na sila ay normal. They are beautiful as they are.

We will try to re-edit the film tonite to lessen the daring scenes pero hindi ko maipapangako na matatanggal ko ang lahat masunod lang ang kanilang standard sa puntong mawawalan na ng bayag ang pelikula.

Bukas pupunta akong MTRCB and try to defend the latest cut. Bahala na.

Ang lungkot lang isipin na mukhang hindi niyo mapapanood ang putol ng pelikula na gusto namin para rito. Pelikula na sana, sa unang pagkakataon, ay magrerepresent sa mga kapatid nating intersex sa larangan ng pelikula.

#LabanMeta #MetaFilm

Metamorphosis is the first Filipino film to tackle an intersexual, relating to or having the condition of being intermediate between male and female. It tells the story of Adam, portrayed by indie actor Gold Azeron, and his unique struggles for being an intersexual.

After editing the film and upon the second review, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board gave it an R-16 rating.

Check out the teaser below:

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