Noli de Castro’s ‘Kababalaghan’ Airs this Sunday on ABS-CBN and iWant

A Filipino Halloween celebration is incomplete without family and friends gathering around the TV to watch veteran ABS-CBN broadcaster Noli de Castro’s “Kababalaghan” TV special. This year, “Kabayan” brings four stories that will give viewers goosebumps on Sunday (November 3) at 9 pm on ABS-CBN at iWant.

The spookfest starts with a story about a mysterious mirror owned by the Abrino family, which they have kept for good luck even as eerie creatures are said to be dwelling in it.

The next story follows two faith healers in the mystical island of Siquijor, who suffered from retaliation after successfully curing their patients.

The third story focuses on an abandoned heritage home in Dasmariñas, Cavite, where an old woman’s ghost and a white lady are just some of the freaky things residents see at night.

Wrapping up “Kabayan’s” chilling stories is the tale behind Camp Bello in Pililia, Rizal, where sightings of ghost and mythical creatures like kapres and tikbalangs have been consistent. The “Kababalaghan” team brought paranormal experts to investigate the claims.

Don’t miss Noli de Castro’s much-awaited “Kababalaghan” special on ABS-CBN this Sunday (November 3) at 9 pm or stream it live on iWant.

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