Eat Your Way Through Pampanga, CDO, Canada and Myanmar in ‘Food Prints’ with Chef Sandy Daza

Veteran chef and restaurateur Sandy Daza brings foodies to an appetizing trip as he revisits some good old classics and tries out exciting new eats in the seventh season of “Food Prints” on Metro Channel.

Chef Sandy kicks off his travels in Pampanga where he experiences surefire Kapampangan fare and explores fresh places offering good food like DenLim’s private dining. He also goes back to Cagayan de Oro and indulges in seafood kamayan style, and tries out goat and ostrich meat.

Meanwhile, 27 hungry foodies go on a delicious food trip with Chef Sandy in the land of the rising sun, Japan. They feast over Hokkaido’s miso ramen, fresh sashimi, and Japanese whisky, and Sapporo’s premium beer, hokke mackerel, and grad A5 wagyu beef.

The culinary master then heads back to Southeast Asia and takes his kids Franco, Ali, Turs, and Danielle on their first ever cruise as they head to Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city. There, they eat their fill of Vietnamese halo-halo, banh mi, and pho. The Daza foodies then move on to Nha Trang, where they discover really interesting street eats.

After the insanely delectable cuisine of Vietnam, Chef Sandy further explores Southeast Asia by stepping foot on Myanmar for the first time. Join him as he makes the most out of his trip in the Land of the Golden Pagodas, where he treats himself not only to exquisite meals, but also with glittering pagodas—among others.

For his last stop, he returns to Canada for the world’s largest shellfish festival in Prince Edward Island, where he encounters celebrity chef, Chef Michael Smith, and learns a thing or two on PEI’s famous produce.

Go along with Chef Sandy as he tours and tastes the best of Pampanga, Cagayan De Oro, Japan, Myanmar, and Canada in the seventh season of “Food Prints,” premiering this Wednesday (October 16), 8pm on Metro Channel, the home of chic living from the country’s authority in style, Metro.

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