How to Make a Sexy and Wise Appearance

Using the right pieces of sexy dress, you create a beautiful, sexy look but at the same time don’t attract too much attention. Every woman who values ​​sensuality knows how much clothing can affect that. However, the state of mind – feeling sexy – has even more power over one’s appearance and how others see it.

People who are happy and confident can feel sexy regardless of the clothes they wear. Confidence is the key to being sexy. And in that sense, using your appearance to your advantage will make it more sensual and attractive for all the appearances around you. But it still needs to be noted that clothes don’t do all the “work” alone, you also have to believe in yourself and feel sensual for it to appear.

And to learn how to use this extra gimmick in your appearance without losing your low profile, see the following inspiration and tips.

How to make a wise and sexy look?

To create a sexy look, no need to draw a very striking part. It is possible to form a sensual and feminine look with wiser pieces, which attract less attention, but also make you very sexy. By following a few basic tips and betting on the right parts, you can adjust your appearance so that you don’t lose sensuality, see:

Details: Invest in some interesting items to break up the neutrality of other items. For example, leopard belts or footwear that have shiny details or stone.

Show and hide: These are the rules for a sexy and thoughtful appearance. You show one part and “hide” the other. For example, a display with a miniskirt and a closed shirt or a display with a neckline and long pants. This makes it look more attractive because it produces curiosity.

Accessories: When you make a neutral appearance with basic and thoughtful parts, accessories make all the difference and become a very important item. In appearance with the most closed collar, bet the necklace. In appearance with a neckline, invest in earrings. Be sure to enhance your appearance, so you can give more personality to the set.

Heel: This is a big protagonist in terms of uniting a sexy look. Each look is much sexier when you add a jump. You can even take a test at home. Try the same look with sneakers and heels and you will see the difference. But remember, this does not mean that a beautiful appearance is not sexy.

See below 5 wise and sexy appearance options for various occasions:

Skinny pants

Pair skinny jeans with a satin tank top or body. On your feet, bet on strappy sandals, and if you choose not to wear heels, sports shoes are a good choice. Because the display consists of smooth and neutral pieces, you can add more eye-popping jaws to complete the look.


This is a very subtle, feminine and sexy look. The skirt is short, but in contrast to a more closed and thoughtful shirt, the appearance is very provocative. Because the pieces appear in soft colors, you can adopt more colorful details such as purses or blue shoes. For feet, the advice is to bet on shoes and flat sandals.


This look is much more casual, for a summer day at the beach, a walk in the mall or an informal event. Pair loose boyfriend shorts with a fun tank top or t-shirt. Bet on a shoulder bag, because it matches the brightness of this display. As for shoes, sneakers or flat shoes, is his suggestion.

Flare pants

For a more formal look, a combination of social flare trousers and liquid cloth blouses such as satin or chiffon is recommended. Invest in a stylish and neutral accessory, and half a pump or scarpin on the foot will work.


Elegant, sexy, and thoughtful look: choose a print dress and combine it with soft sandals. To complete the look, you can bet on the upper jaw or the jaw and the sophisticated clutch to carry your belongings.

Hopefully this article can help you look sexy but still elegant.


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