5 Education Careers You Probably Never Considered Before

If you’re in education, you probably love children and making a difference in their lives. You probably can’t imagine working in any other field. However, you might be burned out by the burdens of the classroom. Or you may want to do something different. Yet you may not know that this isn’t the only way you can use your education and pursue your passion. Here are five education careers you probably never considered before.

Start a Tutoring Business

When you work for a tutoring company, you probably won’t earn a lot of money. However, if you own the company, you’ll earn much more money. Tutor kids in small groups after school and you might earn more 4 PM to 6 PM than you would as a full-time teacher. And you could grow the business over time. On the flip side, you could also contract with home-schooling parents to teach specific courses the parents don’t feel qualified to teach. These lessons are generally held during the school day.

Teach Kids who Can’t Leave Home

Another option is teaching home-bound kids who are not home-schooled by their parents. These teachers visit sick children at home or in the hospital to continue their education. You’re typically paid by the district and working one on one with kids. You could also become an instructor for online schools. Demand for teachers in this industry is growing, and you could probably work from home.

Move into Education Administration

Education administration includes working as a principal, superintendent or program director. This will allow you to lead change at the district or regional level. Or you could take the lead at a school level. You could work in public or private schools.

You could work in elementary, middle or high schools. With school administration credentials, you could also move into administration at a college or childcare facility. You can follow a School District Leader Certification program online to gain the necessary knowledge to support, mentor and develop teachers and other administrators. Or you could move into another administrative role in the school district. Depending on your expertise, you could also do educational consulting for specific teachers or educational institutions.

Work in Childcare

You could also make a major difference in the lives of young children before they hit the classroom by working in childcare. One of the options you could consider is becoming a nanny. If you have a special education certification, you could earn a decent living working with a child with learning disabilities. Or you could be paid better than the average nanny because you can help the children with homework.

Teach the Teachers

One career move to consider is to train the next generation of teachers. For most colleges, you’ll need a doctorate to teach undergraduate courses in education. However, you may be able to work in the same role at a community college with a master’s degree.

Furthermore, you may be able to provide other teacher training courses with a masters’ degree or other certifications. Another approach is creating and selling teaching materials to other teachers. You may even be able to monetize the materials you’ve already created.


If you feel like it’s time for you to move on from your current position, know that there are many other career paths available to you. Whether you decide to become a tutor, superintendent, or teacher to home-schoolers, make sure that you understand the requirements and truly have what it takes to make the transition.

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