Love Wins in Hit Japanese Movie ‘Athlete’

In a constantly changing world, we are forced to challenge our old beliefs. We are forced to adapt and change — change in our career, lifestyle, interests, or in some instances, a change of hearts. We, also ask ourselves, “Will this change be good for us? Will it affect the people around us? Will this change be accepted by society?”

Change is often good, but sometimes we feel alienated, misunderstood or despised because we embraced it. The Japanese movie “Athlete” is a story of two lost souls who, in the midst of solitude, find peace and comfort in a relationship that most people would consider forbidden. No, This is not a tale about infidelity, or the “right love at the wrong time” story – it is much more complex and complicated.

A former swimming athlete, Kohei is living a normal life with his wife and daughter. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down when his wife asks for a divorce. Hopeless and broken, he meets Yutaka, a handsome young man who has big dreams in spite of doing odd jobs.

A deep friendship developes between them and, eventually, no matter how much they fight it, Kohei and Yutaka develop romantic feelings towards each other. As their love and affection grow, so do their struggles in making their relationship work for they both fear that their respective families will be horrified and scandalized by their unconventional setup.

The freedom to choose and the courage to accept yourself is a gift. And the movie “Athlete” bravely shows us how to unwrap that gift. It is a movie that honestly reveals what most people would find difficult or terrifying.

Starring Joe Nakamura and Japanese actor and singer, Kondo Yohdo. From VIVA International Pictures and MVP Entertainment, “Athlete” will be in cinemas September 25, 2019, exlcusively in Robinsons Movieworld. \

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