Some Considerations on Choosing a Men’s Watch

If you are looking for a practical reference guide to decide on the choice of men’s watches as a gift, this is the best opportunity to find out. Especially if you want to buy a luxury one such as a Rolex watch or a Patek Philippe watch. With this simple article you can review the main aspects that will guide you and choose the part that is indicated. Men’s watch choices are not like any clothing or shoe choice. It takes some technical knowledge about the appearance, detail, quality, and type of watch. The selection of a good watch should not be done without considering the important things from these important points.

Watch physiognomy:

In principle, like other men’s trends articles, to choose a watch, its design or external appearance must be taken into account. This criterion is usually based on the image of a commercial company and the products it wants to offer. In terms of the brand, it is known that more than half of watchmakers worldwide come from Switzerland, which marks the same style in most models to have origin in the same region. In relation to the visual aspects of the work to be chosen, there are several factors that make it up, but the size of the button and the clock are generally relevant. As a direct reference to this aspect, the size of the wrist of the man who will wear it must be considered.

Fashion brand watches for men provide a variety of sizes depending on applicable regulations. What they usually do for certain models is to offer them with various types of material on their straps or bracelets. Therefore, there are watches with alternatives that adapt to every type of person. Knowing the person’s tastes also provides direct information to guide the selection, there are men who prefer watches with large balls, which make it easy to read time. Besides size, there are other parameters that need to be considered such as watch style, shape, color and strap.

Operating mechanics:

Second, one aspect of choosing a men’s watch is the mechanics of its operation. It should be clarified that this detail has a big influence on the price of the work because it is a technical aspect. We can divide watches into two categories such as mechanical watches and electronic watches. Mechanical watches work largely thanks to the spring system and the combination of high watchmaking parts, while there are other modern mechanical watches that work through quartz. The settings that apply to mechanical watches can be of two types, manual or automatic.

Electronic watches function thanks to microprocessor technology that is growing, physical memory, and a very complex display. In this field, much progress has been made to achieve accuracy when offering time, such as the incorporation of new functions. It is clear that this aspect is usually not taken into account to consider the watch’s image, but does have a direct influence on the manufacturer as to how he will find the information provided by the watch on a particular design.

Watch category:

On the other hand, wearing a special watch for certain activities or events generally depends on the fashion culture of men, that is, there are special watches for golf, for marathons, for large events, and so on.


Watches are not purchased in any way. Despite having some intuition, our board chose to select several brands by considering their competency criteria and excellence in manufacturing. For example, Tissot, Certina, Casio or Victorinox are considered sporting watch brands. Some other casual brands are Fossil, Skagen, and Mark Maddox. In connection with a collection of watches that switched to the classic style we can observe Lotus or Festival as the most easily accessible. As an alternative to Swiss watchmakers, Japanese watches such as Seiko, Orient and Citizen watches have the greatest acceptance, and the reason is none other than the quality they have and the consolidation of these companies in the international market.


The strap defines the appearance you want to give the style in the dress. If metal is selected, a security sample or image taken care of for social events is chosen. If the image effect you are looking for is a sporty appearance, it is best to choose a rubber strap that also offers comfort in your daily use. For a somewhat casual and elegant appearance, the classic material is leather or leather, which is offered in a variety of styles and colors, ideal to be combined with clothing. In any case, it should not be forgotten that this aspect is usually quite subjective, because it is easy to replace the watch strap for the other in most watches.

With this guide, we hope you can buy your watch wisely.


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