5 Books to Read On Your Summer Break

Summer is a wonderful time, a break from all the stress one struggles from while studying.  You get a chance to step back and take a breather as well as some time to do the things you really want to, not just what is required of you.

You could take a vacation or spend some quality time online.  Or you could read.  Now that you do not have an instructor demanding the free essay to read on or an essay to write on your own, you have a chance to read the literature that you enjoy.  If you need some ideas on the books to read this summer, here are a few that you might like.

On the Clock: What Low-Wage Work Did to Me and How it Drives America Insane – Emily Guendelsberger

Emily Guendelsberger was laid off from her journalism job (you may be able to find some of her essays online) and decided to turn this into an opportunity.  She realized she could explore how different industries function and develop in today’s economy.  She worked at McDonald’s, a call center, and an Amazon Fulfillment Center.  Then she spent a year recording her experiences.  This book is a great look at these three growing industries and delves into such topics as unions, automation, and even discussions of the working conditions.  It is definitely a good choice for those who work for a living and wonder what it is really all about.

The Altruists – Andrew Ridker

This book is about a man named Arthur.  His wife has just died, and he discovered that she has left them a huge amount of money.  But she left it to the children, not the husband. He had cheated on her while they were married, and she found that out and decided not to leave him anything in her will.  A few years later, we see how the three of them are doing.  Arthur is broke, and his son has spent all the money that he received from the will.  Arthur’s daughter, however, still has them all.  So Arthur decides to invite them home to see if he can get some money. This book is a good look at family relationships, a mix of humor and heartfelt emotions.

Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to a Tribe Called Quest – Hanif Abdurraqib

The hip-hop music has a long history, and so do the artists and groups that play it.  Hanif Abdurraqib, who has written a few popular books, uses this parallel in his book Go Ahead in the Rain in a very interesting way.  He writes a series of letters to A Tribe Called Quest, specifically the two MCs, Q-Tip and Phife Dawg.  Phife Dawg had a history of diabetes and died before band’s last album was released.  Abdurraqib was a big fan of their music, and this hit him hard.  He uses the two men’s stories to dive into the history of hip hop as a whole, and the book becomes a look at how music can bring us together and form bonds among people.  It is easy to read and is one of the best books if you are a fan of hip hop or if you just want a look at something new.

American Spy – Lauren Wilkinson

This is a book about espionage during the Cold War.  But it is not the usual story.  The protagonist is a member of the FBI.  But instead of a white man like the rest of the agency, she is a young black woman.  Her career is not going well, so she works on a special task: to seduce the leader of an African country to help overthrow the government.  But as she gets to know her mission, she finds herself falling for him and having to decide between her heart and duty.  American Spy, which is based on a true story, is an interesting, exciting read, and one of the best books 2019 has to offer.

The National Team: The Inside Story of the Women Who Changed Soccer – Caitlin Murray

This is another true story, the one about the United States Women’s National Soccer team.  It has accomplished amazing things, including three World Cups and four Olympic gold medals.  But the world of sports is a male-dominated one, and the women have felt this.  They struggle with low pay, playing conditions that are not perfect, and it is difficult for them to move into the world of professional sports. If you like sports stories and would like a look at one of the smaller, sometimes overlooked group of players, this could be a perfect choice. You can also find some free essays on this topic if you would like to gather more information.

These are a few good books to read. Take some time this summer to pick up those you’ve liked as reading is a great way to spend your time and learn something new.

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