Yamyam Named Ultim8 Big Winner of ‘PBB Otso’

Yamyam Gucong of Batch 2 was hailed “PBB Otso’s” Ultim8 Big Winner as he garnered the highest number of public text votes last Sunday (August 4).

The “Iskulit Bai ng Bohol” raked in a total text votes of 58.52% and took home a grand prize of P2 million, a brand new condo unit, a negosyo package, and an Asian tour package.

Even before the Big Night, Yamyam already built a huge following with his antics and positive disposition, gaining enough votes to land as the batch winner of Batch 2. His determination to collect gold bars in Kuya’s challenges and his followers’ immense support, on the other hand, helped him land a spot in the Ultim8 Big 4, eventually becoming the Big Winner.

He bested housemates Kiara Takahashi of Batch 4, who got a total text vote of 30.29%, Lou Yanong of Batch 2 who got 8.28%, and Andre Brouillette of Batch 2 who earned 2.91%.

Meanwhile, the rankings of the other members of the Big Otso were announced last Saturday (August 3), with Fumiya Sankai finishing as the 5th Big Placer, Lie Reposposa, the 6th Big Placer, and Ashley Del Mundo and Kaori Oinuma as the 7th and 8th Big Placers, respectively.

The Big Night was also a hit online as it gathered over 300,000 viewers while netizens shared their excitement over the thrilling announcements as the official hashtags #PBBCelebr8AtTheBigNight and #PBBUltim8BigWinner became the top trending topics worldwide and received thousands of tweets.

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