Top Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Getting into University

“Education is the key to success,” or so the old saying goes. There is a lot of truth in that saying because, for you to land that dream job you always wanted, you have to study hard for it. Now that you are nearing the completion of your high school, you should be considering what your next step will be.

University is the most common option for most high graduates and you may also be contemplating the same option. If so, you should do everything in your power to work towards getting accepted into a university of your choice.

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Although you don’t have control over the majority of what’s involved in the process of reviewing your application, you can still increase your chances of getting into university.  What can you do to position yourself to be in a better position to get into university? Let’s explore.

Start preparing yourself in High School

Preparing to get into university should start while you are still in high school and should not only start on the final year of your high school. Your preparations should start on your first year of high school by working towards getting good grades.

Aiming for academically rigorous subjects and working hard towards getting good grades in them will portray you as a hard worker. This might require you to spend time in good company that is focused on being overachievers and forming study groups with them.

Always aim for distinctions every time. If you don’t get those distinctions, you will still get impressive grades.


To meet the standards of admission in most universities, you have to pass an admission test. The most common test is the Standardized Admission Test, but some universities may require different tests depending on your chosen area of study. Alternative tests are the ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc.

You have to double-check which one is required by your university for the course you wish to take up. After finding out, work hard to practice these exams by using mock exams and past papers.

When you see which areas need development, work towards mastering those points. You can also use online free study guides and other study materials to help you prepare for the relative admission test.

To get the perfect format and syntax you should use to write admission essays, you can go online and search for that universities essay topics. For example, you can search essay topics for Oxford University if you want to get an idea of how your essay should look like.

Practice writing admission essays

When it comes to preparing for admission essays, you should not attempt practicing them the night before. Writers from the research paper writing service say that they receive orders for quick assignments right before the exam. Although they manage to help such students, they don’t recommend delaying things to the last minute.

Be it your thesis or dissertation, college homework, or admission essay, you should always handle it on time. This will ensure quality and also the peace of mind.

Be involved in extracurricular activities

Show a keen interest in extracurricular and co-curricular activities and try to grow in those activities by taking on leadership positions. For example, being the captain in the hockey squad or football team can heighten your chances of getting into university.

Even volunteering counts as a co-curricular activity, so helping out at the veteran’s hospital can also increase your chances of getting into university. It is not about being a jock or being prominent, but it’s about your future and lending a hand whenever possible.

You should also keep tabs on these activities because they will come in handy when you apply for university.

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Solicit recommendations

Maintaining a close relationship with your educators or student guidance counselor will help you get positive recommendations. Don’t try to be one of the cool kids by doing things that are against school protocol or illegal.

Rather be helpful and an active student during all your classes, it’s the little things that count here. For example, being polite and having good manners to all your teachers will help you when you need recommendations for your university application.

Keep your academics as high as they can be because this also contributes to a positive recommendation.

Prepare for interviews

Speaking to someone you have never met, especially in a situation like this may cause you to get anxious and nervous. To combat this, prepare for the interview by doing some mirror preparation and try starting conversations with strangers. There are many opportunities to do that.

You can do it on the subway on your way to school, on the bus or other places where you have to interact with strangers. When it is the day of the interview, speak in a calm natural tone, dress professionally and be friendly.

Apply early

Applying in a university should be done timely with a lot of time to spare till the due date. This may be hard for others to do because of the trait that has become normal amongst most millennials, which is procrastination.

To make sure you don’t minimize your chances of getting into university, apply as soon as the application forms and all required documentation becomes available. As soon as your final year begins, draw up a list of potential universities and monthly check on their websites if their application forms are available.

Request help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, counselors, and educators, they will be happy to assist wherever they can. Whether by writing recommendations or helping you out to fill up application forms, they will be with you every step of the way.

Ask them questions no matter how simple they may sound, but they will answer you. You can even ask them to help you improve your admission essay by reading through it and provide assistance.


These tips for increasing your chances of getting into university can be very useful and show the importance of avoiding procrastinating. Try your best to excel in your studies because this will make the university want you because you will be an asset to them and not a liability. Your grades will also make your teachers write positive recommendations for you if your conduct is also impressive.

Practicing and asking for help is also one of the cornerstones of getting into a university of your choice. These tips can likewise be used as college tips regarding increasing your chances of getting into college.

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