Zanjoe Marudo Plays Heroic Man Who Uses Raft to Teach in ‘MMK’

“MMK” pays tribute to fathers this Father’s Day as Kapamilya actor Zanjoe Marudo plays a dedicated teacher who teaches on a raft to help children fulfill their dreams, in the continuing celebration of the show’s 28th anniversary this Saturday (June 15).

Ryan (Zanjoe Marudo) hails from a poor family, but this does not stop him from finishing school with the help of his loving father Ramon (Joey Marquez). He perseveres and becomes a public school teacher, and vows to help the kids in his community get the education he was fortunate to have.

However, one major hindrance to his goal is their barrio’s location—it is separated from the town by a river, making it difficult for the kids to attend school. This pushes Ryan to build a raft he calls “Balsa Basa” where he can teach kids.

Despite his pure intentions, many cast doubts on his plans, with some parents worrying for the safety of their children. His own father even discourages him and tells him to stop his ambition.

But a bigger turmoil will shake his determination as a strong typhoon hits them while sailing in the middle of the river, putting him and his students’ life in danger. This will ignite a stronger crusade to end his passion project.

How will Ryan fight for his goals?

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