Best Car Brands in the World

The automobile industry has household names. Companies that have proven over and over again that they are excellent, innovative and determined to stay on the charts of automobile excellence. If you go to a car salesperson with the intent to drive home a car, one or more of these brands will surely be presented to you.

These brands have taken their places in the heart of many and are favorites among car brands.


Toyota is a Japanese brand well known for creating popular and excellent products. Traits such as durability and reliability have earned Toyota her place as the second largest automotive manufacturer in the world. Founded by Kichiro Toyoda, the company released her first product in 1935, the prototype A1 in 1935 and has grown massively since then, producing over ten million cars per year since 2012 and producing over 200 million cars in total.

The world’s largest hybrid car company is renowned for durability, reliability, safety, and superb quality. Toyota has produced sedans, coupes, vans, trucks, hybrids, and crossovers under different brand names.


A division of Daimler AG, the German brand has produced a choice selection of exquisite cars. The brand indeed aims to be what the slogan states, “the best or nothing,” and becoming one of the world’s biggest selling vehicle brands. Since Karl Benz’s 1886 patenting of the motorwagen as the first gasoline-powered automobile, the brand has produced a variety of cars such as W212 E-Class, mid-size executive car, X204 GLK-Class, compact luxury crossover, C216 CL-Class, grand tourer amongst others.

Mercedes-Benz is known for a wide variety of excellent options, great driving, superb warning systems, class, and comfort.


Another German automotive brand, Volkswagen has her place as a super automaker. Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, the brand has its largest market in China. The “people’s car” has a large following across the globe, becoming the largest maker worldwide (2016/2017) by sales. The popularity of Volkswagen makes it popular for driving tests, and you can hire one for a driving test.

The brand boasts different models like up! gol, ameo, fox, beetle, vento, gulf, jetta, touareg, jaguar, atlas and so on. VW is famous for its unique designs and powerful, durable cars.


GM is an American automotive company with her headquarters in Detroit. The company, founded by Williams Dursntim 1908 manufactures vehicles and their spare parts. The company takes its place as the largest automobile manufacturer in America and one of the biggest globally. With 396 facilities across six continents, the company is established in the hearts of people across all continents. The firm has automobile brands such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac.

General Motors is prominent for its elegant structure and comfort. At the moment, the company is working assiduously to contribute to the creation of driverless cars.


Nissan is the automobile giant in Japan. Nissan has four major brands, namely Nissan, Datsun, Infiniti, and Nismo. Nissan is a favorite among some car owners because if its reputation for its unique style of designing, its variety of products suitable for different needs, excellent, detailed construction, innovation, and fuel-efficient cars.


Henry Ford is a name well referenced in business books. Henry Ford founded Ford and sell automobiles, commercial vehicles, and luxury cars. The company has stakes in some other brands such as Aatim Martin, Jiangling Motors and Troller. The second largest automotive manufacturer in the United States of America, behind General Motors, Ford pioneered large scale automobile production. Ford produces the Mustang, Ecosport Figo, Lincoln, and Troller. Ford cars are made with great braking systems, quality materials safety and advanced technology.


Honda is a Japanese manufacturer of many products from automobiles to aircraft and many more. Primarily known for producing motorcycles, Honda has become one of the largest producers of automobiles. The brand is the producer of the Acura, Civic, Accord and many others. Honda has the reputation of producing quality vehicles and motor cars; they are renowned for producing long lasting cars. Honda products are famous for their minimal fuel production.


Bavarian Motor Works (or Bayerische Motoren Works) is another German automobile manufacturer. The producer of the popular Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Drive Now and the BMW series, the brand is also significant in the motorsports sector. A BMW car is versatile and durable. Bavarian Motor Works is known for luxury, innovation, quality components, reliability and many more.


Hyundai Motors is a South Korean automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul. The Hyundai Motor Group which comprises Kia Motors, Genesis Motor is the third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Hyundai has a unique design ideology, with the design center employing a design philosophy known as Fluidic Sculpture ( inspired by nature) to create innovative car designs. Hyundai has so many models ranging from the Aslan to the Eon, the Elantra to the Ionia and many others. Hyundai cars are renowned for comfort, class, durability and excellent designs.


Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturer with her headquarters located in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Mazda is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world. Mazda has produced a fleet of cars including carol, scrum, flair, demo, and many others.
Mazda cars are renowned for their strength, innovation, and durability. Mazda aims got every driver to have “joy from driving.”


The brand with the walking lion logo. The brand, which acquired Citroen and Vauxhall to become one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. Peugeot is a multiple award winner, and is very environmentally friendly, without her cars having the second lowest CO2 emissions. Peugeot is one of the most successful motorsport brands Producing models like 108,208,301, Bipper, partner, expert, boxer 208 GTI, 308 GTI and more, Peugeot releases a massive number of cars per year. Peugeot is renowned for excellent cars with riding comfort and great handling. The brand is very durable, with models made in the 1960s still being driven across the world


A Chinese State-owned automotive design corporation with her headquarters in Shanghai. The company is the largest Chinese automobile manufacturer. SAIC Motors has produced a wide variety of cars, with recent models such as Maxus, MG, Roewe, and others.
SAIC Motors are renowned for sleek designs, innovation, and creativity.


Originating from France and established in 1899. Groupe Renault produces cars and vans. With the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, the company has become a giant of automobile production. Renault automobiles have the lowest carbon emissions worldwide and are therefore environmentally friendly.
The brand is known for innovation, safety, and beautiful designs.

These brands are excellent. Used for various purposes such as sport driving, modern transportation, personal uses and driver’s training, these brands will retain their spots at the top in the mobility industry.

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