NU’EST Returns with ‘Bet Bet’ MV

Three years since they released their last album as a group, K-pop boyband NU’EST is back with a new single called “Bet Bet” and new album titled “Happily Ever After.” JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren reunite as they celebrate their 7th anniversary.

About Happily Ever After (from NU’EST’s YouTube channel):

The 6th Mini Album [Happily Ever After] shows the depth of NU’EST’s music, as they uphold their title as one of the top artists of Korea. The album shows off originality, while maintaining the group’s color, and portrays music only NU’EST can express.

In particular, the album completes the “Three-part Knight Series” that includes the narrative of NU’EST which began with the release of their 4th Mini Album [Q is.] in 2016, and continued on with their 5th Mini Album [CANVAS].

The title track, “BET BET,” is a slow-tempo, future bass R&B genre track featuring an interesting yet sophisticated arrangement of pluck sounds and strong rhythms. The sexy and confident lyrics such as, “I’ll bet everything on you,” and “If you lose me you might regret it,” along with a strong performance and vocals, are impressive enough to forever remain in the hearts of fans.

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